Do plastic window well covers work?

Do plastic window well covers work?

These types of window well covers also generally do not reduce your liability. The plastic is thin enough to be cost-effective and prevent some water and debris from entering the well. Yet the plastic, being so thin, is not conducive to supporting the weight of an animal or child.

How much do window well covers cost?

Most homeowners spend between $414 to $680 nationally. Get free estimates from local contractors who can Install a Window Well Cover….$414. to. $680.

National Average Cost $605
Maximum Cost $1,500
Average Range $414 to $680

Are plastic or metal window wells better?

Heavy-duty plastic wells are the most durable option when compared to traditional steel wells. This material is designed to never rust or dent, ensuring they will last for years.

Does a window well need a cover?

At Window Well Experts, we recommend that all window wells be fitted with a proper cover. When you look at the benefits of window wells, almost all of them require a sturdy, leak-proof cover in order to achieve their fullest benefit.

How do you cut plastic window well covers?

All Ultra Protect Window Well covers can be cut to the profile of your window well using a jigsaw equipped with an aluminum cutting blade. Simply mask off the profile of the well using typical 1″ masking tape to the outside of the well and cut along the masking tape.

How do you keep water out of egress window wells?

Here’s what you can do to keep as much water away from your house as possible:

  1. Fix grading to make sure it slopes away from the foundation.
  2. Keep your gutters clear of debris and in good working condition.
  3. Extend downspouts away from the house to keep roof runoff from pouring next to the foundation.

Do window wells have drains?

“Typically window wells have a drain that is connected to the foundation drainage system or drains to daylight somewhere in the yard,” Dennison said. “Over time that drain could become clogged and could possibly need to be cleaned out.”

What kind of window cover do I need at Menards?

Once you know the exact measurements you need, you can choose from custom flat round, straight, square, thick-walled, and U-shaped styles. No matter what size or shape you need, Menards® has you covered.

What is a MacCourt basement window well cover?

Protect your basement window wells from debris, animals, rain and snow with the MACCOURT PRODUCTS, INC 40 in. x 17 in. Low Profile Circular Plastic Window Well Cover. The window well cover permits light to enter. The cover helps improve basement insulation. It helps save energy.

Why do you need a window well cover?

Window well covers are an important part of keeping your home energy efficient, secure, and protected from the weather. If standard sized window well covers do not meet your specifications, you may need to design a custom window well cover to keep the elements out.