Does Kauai have good snorkeling?

Does Kauai have good snorkeling?

Kauai is the perfect place to snorkel. Roughly 50 of the 90 miles of coastline is white sand beach, which makes for easy ocean access. Top that off with lots of family-friendly spots, as well as places for those with more experience, and Kauai is every snorkeler’s dream.

Where can I snorkel with turtles in Kauai?

Koloa Landing — Straight out in front of Koloa Landing Resort is one of the best places to snorkel with sea turtles in Kauai. Guests can even grab snorkel gear from the resort or get hooked up with a local guide.

Can you snorkel at Ke E beach?

Ke’e is protected by a reef that makes it a safe place for snorkeling and swimming. Ke’e Beach is also the beginning of the Napali Coast and the Kalalau trail that leads to Hanakapiai and Kalalau Beach.

Is there sharks in Kauai?

A frequent question is on our Kauai snorkeling tours is: Are there sharks in these waters? The honest answer is, “Yes, of course, there are sharks in these waters.” There are sharks in every ocean and sea — if the water is salty there are sharks.

Can you snorkel at Poipu beach?

Poipu Beach Park’s sheltered cove is ideal for small children and novice snorkelers. Some of the best snorkeling is found on the far right side of the beach park, west of the tombolo or sand split. Click here for more on Poipu Beaches.

Is Ke’e beach worth it?

Visitors say the sunsets at Ke’e Beach, which are made spectacular thanks to the Napali cliffs, are awe-inspiring and worth the evening trip. You can find Ke’e Beach at the end of the Kuhio Highway in northern Kauai. There are no set hours or admission fees to access Ke’e Beach.

Is it possible to snorkel on Kauai island?

Although the underdeveloped charm of the island might make it more difficult to access certain snorkel spots around Kauai, the extra effort will be more than worth it once you jump into the water and find your own impressive slice of snorkeling paradise.

Where are the best snorkeling spots in Hanalei?

A few minutes drive east of Hanalei, you will find several snorkeling spots that follow one another along the shore. Puu Poa Beach, Hideaway Beach, Anini Beach, and neighboring Kahilikai Beach and Kahiliwai Beach are good options when the ocean conditions allow.

Where to see the hawkfish on Kauai?

The arc-eye hawkfish is easy to spot at reef in Kauai. They spend most of their time perched on corals, waiting for prey to approach too close. Photographed in Tunnels Beach. Some of the most popular spots for boat tours on the Napali Coast include Nualolo Kai Beach and the reef just out of Kauhao Valley.

Is there a snorkeling area at Poipu Beach?

The snorkeling area at Poipu Beach is small, as most of the area has a sand bottom. However, just to the right of the sand is a rocky area with a little coral, some fish, and usually several people! If you are lucky, you’ll spot a Hawaiian monk seal lying on the beach.