How did Telemachus mature in the Odyssey?

How did Telemachus mature in the Odyssey?

Just an infant when his father left for Troy, Telemachus is still maturing when The Odyssey begins. He is wholly devoted to his mother and to maintaining his father’s estate, but he does not know how to protect them from the suitors.

Why is Telemachus considered to be immature at the beginning of the Odyssey?

In the first book of Odyssey, Telemachus is displayed as an immature coward. He is offended by the suitors’ invasion of his home and by their breakage of the hospitality rules, yet he remains passive about the situation because of his cowardliness.

How did Telemachus change throughout the Odyssey?

430-431) Telemachus gained courage and kicked out the suitors from his house. Telemachus is changing so much that he is even willing to take risks in his life now. He is no longer the safe guy, he is now making pacts about his father and is risking his life and mostly his mothers life over his journey.

What does Telemachus do that shows he is maturing into a man?

Having demanded that the suitors leave his house, Telemachus is immediately forced to admit that he does not have the power to make them leave. The fact that Telemachus has learned this crucial skill during the course of his journey also shows that he has matured. Good blood runs in you, dear boy, your words are proof.

Who did Telemachus marry?

According to later tradition, Telemachus married Circe (or Calypso) after Odysseus’ death.

Which God works against Odysseus?

Poseidon – Younger brother of Zeus, god of the sea and earthquakes, father of Polyphemus. Because Odysseus is a sailor and must travel home by ship, Poseidon is able to do him much harm. Poseidon bears a grudge against Odysseus because of his rough treatment of Polyphemus.

Is Telemachus immature?

Telemachus’ Odyssey When the reader first encounters Telemachus in book one, he is portrayed as a young adult, about the age of 21.

Does Telemachus become a man?

Athena’s exhortation to Telemachus in Book 1 of the Odyssey marks the beginning of the young prince’s journey into manhood. Following Odysseus’ return and subsequent vengeance upon the suitors, Telemachus appears to have fully transitioned from boy to man.

Who killed Telemachus?

Others relate that he was induced by Athena to marry Circe, and became by her the father of Latinus (Hygin. Fab. 127; comp. Telegonus), or that he married Cassiphone, a daughter of Circe, but in a quarrel with his mother-in-law he slew her, for which in his turn he was killed by Cassiphone (Tzetz.

What is Telemachus afraid of?

It is understandable that Telemachus is scared of the suitors – they have been plotting to kill him. Knowing this, he tells Eumaeus to let his mother know he is back safely, but to make sure the suitors do not hear. He must even come back without telling Laertes, Odysseus’s father, that his grandson is home.

Why did the gods hate Odysseus?

The god Poseidon certainly hates Odysseus, and this is because Odysseus blinded Poseidon’s son, the Cyclops Polyphemus. Odysseus then told the Cyclops his real name, out of pride, so that the monster can tell others who managed to outsmart him. Polyphemus then prayed to his father, Poseidon, to punish Odysseus.