How do I change my Lotus Notes email?

How do I change my Lotus Notes email?

At the bottom right, click on Online (may be different on your machine) then Edit Locations. From the location list, select the one used by the client to reach the server and click on Edit. Select the Servers tab and review the value of Home/mail server.

What is the latest version of Lotus Notes?

On October 10, 2018, IBM released IBM Domino v10. 0 and IBM Notes 10.0 as the latest release. In December, 2019, HCL released HCL Domino v11 and HCL Notes v11.

How do I find my SMTP server in Lotus Notes?

Lotus Notes 8: How do I find my server settings?

  1. Preferences from the File menu.
  2. In the Preferences dialog, select the Accounts tab located on the top left corner. Next, click on Incoming Internet mail.
  3. Now locate: Account Type, Incoming Mail Server Name, and User Name.

How do I create a Lotus Notes ID file?


  1. On the primary data server, go to Administration > Configuration > Lotus Notes user administration.
  2. Click Upload a Lotus user ID file. In the dialog box that appears, click Browse, and go to a user ID file. Enter the password that unlocks the selected file. Optional: Enter a description for the file. Click OK.

How do I edit stationery in Lotus Notes?

How to Edit Stationery in Lotus Notes?

  1. Go to Tools in the left panel of the window and click on Stationery. Then all the email templates will be visible in the right panel of the window. Click on the template you want to edit.
  2. Now you can modify the email message and then click on Save button.

How to replace the design of a Lotus Notes template?

Response to your Edit: Just use “replace design” and give both nsfs a different template name. If you don’t select “Inherit Future design changes” in the dialog, then the “Inherit design from master template – Template name” property of the ntf will not be set, it will not be “linked” to any of the development databases..

What’s the DB property called in Lotus Notes?

Bonus 2: The db property is called “Master template”. In the Admin help you linked using a “template” means refreshing the design manually and “master template” means using the Designer server task to refresh the design.

Are there two news.nsf databases in Lotus Notes?

Let’s say instead of the single News.nsf database on the dev. server, there are two development databases called News1.nsf and News2.nsf, because there are two developers who need their own database to work in.

How to change the design of a Domino mail file?

Open your server, it probably will be already open Into the left-hand navigator, click server console If the server console isn’t already live, you might want to click the Green Triangle Position your cursor in the space marked Domino command. This is where you will type the load convert command.