How do I enable DPM?

How do I enable DPM?

  1. Read the Setup prerequisites.
  2. Verify the DPM operating system is compatible.
  3. Set up a SQL Server database to store DPM settings and configuration information.
  4. Set up DPM. You can Install DPM from the user interface, or Run an unattended install. Follow these instructions if you want to Install DPM on a domain controller.

How do I manually install DPM Agent 2012?

Attach the agent In DPM Administrator Console, on the navigation bar, click Management > Agents. In the Actions pane, click Install. On the Select Agent Deployment Method page, select Attach agents > Computer on a trusted domain > Next. The Protection Agent Installation Wizard opens.

Can we do ILR if deduplication is done inside the virtual machine?

Issue: If you’re protecting virtual machines that contain deduped volumes, you can’t perform Item level recovery (ILR) from those VHD/VHDX files. VHD/VHDX file that contains the deduped volume to a Windows 2012 R2 server that has the Data Deduplication role installed.

How do I open DPM Admin console?

Log on to the Operations Manager server with an account that is a member of the Operations Manager Administrators role. In the Operations console, click Administration. Right-click Management Packs > Import Management Packs. Select Microsoft.SystemCenter.DataProtectionManagerReporting.MP > Open.

Can we backup VMware VM to tape if we are using DPM 2012 r2?

DPM can back up VMware VMs to disk, tape and to the Azure cloud.

Is a checkpoint the same as a snapshot?

A standard checkpoint takes a snapshot of the virtual machine and virtual machine memory state, but is not a full backup of the VM. A snapshot of the virtual machine memory state is not taken when using a production checkpoint.

How do I protect my DPM server?

Set up primary and secondary protection

  1. The Primary DPM server has the protection agent already installed. You need to attach this protection agent to the secondary DPM server. Important.
  2. Add the primary DPM server to an existing protection group, or create a new one. Select to protect the following data sources:

What is a DPM Administrator console?

The DPM Administrator Console is a Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-in that is used to manage a DPM server that by default is installed when you install Data Protection Manager. To access it, you must be interactively logged on to the DPM server using a domain account that has local administrator privileges.