How long does red cedar cladding last?

How long does red cedar cladding last?

40-60 years
Cedar cladding, especially Western Red Cedar cladding, is more weather resistance than most timber (and many other materials too). This makes external cedar cladding a great choice for any building, from a small garage or structure to a entire house. Typically, you can expect cedar cladding to last for 40-60 years.

How much does cedar cladding cost UK?

Canadian Cedar Cladding prices from £31.50 per m2 for a planed rebated feather edge and from £62.90 per m2 for face fix 18 x 144mm profiles.

How long does cedar cladding last?

between 40-60 years
According to the specie, treatment, maintenance and a whole host of other influences, you can expect quality timber cladding to last anywhere between 40-60 years.

What is the best cedar cladding?

Originating on the northwest coast of North America, Yellow Cedar cladding is the standout choice for those who love everything about Red Western Cedar but the colour. Yellow Cedar is extremely durable and resistant to decay and most insect attacks, which makes it ideal for cladding.

How long will red cedar last outside?

In outdoor structures that are not in contact with the ground, such as decks, gazebos, pergolas and fence boards, cedar may last 30 years or longer. When in contact with the ground, such as when it’s used for fence or support posts, it can last between 15 and 20 years.

Does Red Cedar need to be sealed?

Cedar offers a durable option for exterior and interior building projects with natural resistance to rot and decay, so a protective finish is optional. If you’re using cedar for an outdoor project, give it a light seal coat to guard against moisture and sunlight.

Why is timber cladding so expensive?

A large property will require much more wood, naturally, than a smaller one, so it is going to be more expensive. The good thing about wood as a material, however, is that there is little wastage when cladding and offcuts can be used elsewhere.

Is Red cedar expensive?

It typically sells for $5 per board foot. Cedar wood that may exhibit a few minor characteristics which do not detract from their high appearance and quality such as a very light torn grain, very light skips on the non-graded face and very light warp are sold for half the price.

Why is red cedar so expensive?

You may have been surprised by the recent and/or impending price increases on Western Red Cedar lately. This has been caused by a large trade dispute between Canada and the U.S. that has been going on since the 80’s on all softwoods imported from Canada.

Is Western Red Cedar expensive?

Which is the best grade of cedar cladding?

All our Cedar Cladding is prime coastal grown, having a tight grain. Primary coastal grown cedar is generally a darker colour than interior grown Canadian Western Red Cedar. Grade 2 clear and better only – no mix of grade 4. This grade is the clearest grade usually available in the UK.

How much does Canadian cedar cladding cost per m2?

Canadian Cedar Cladding prices from £25.00 per m2 for a planed rebated feather edge and from £43.00 per m2 for face fix 18 x 144mm profiles. Clearance packs are also often available. Nothing quite compares to the soft rich colour variation of Canadian cedar.

How big is a piece of Canadian Red Cedar?

We supply premium western red cedar cladding for exterior use, including batten screen, cladding, slatted and contemporary fencing. The 18 x 38mm x 1.83 metres 21- single piece bundle of premium Western Red Cedar is planed with rounded edges and has a planed surface on all four sides. Allow to final cut to 1.83mts before installation.

Why are my red cedar cladding turning grey?

This change can happen quite quickly — so even a relatively recently-installed project, you can have some weathered Western Red Cedar cladding on your hands quite soon. In the UK, the moist climate can cause this weathering process to happen unevenly, so be patient if dark grey patches appear quickly.