How long is the Chinese holiday 2021?

How long is the Chinese holiday 2021?

Public Holidays for 2021

Name Date Duration
New Year’s Day Jan 1 — Jan 3, 2021 three days
Spring Festival Feb 11 — Feb 17 seven days
Qingming Festival April 3 — April 5 three days
Labor Day May 1 — May 5 five days

What is the most important national holiday in China?

Chinese New Year
The most important Chinese holiday is the Chinese New Year (Spring Festival), which is also celebrated in overseas ethnic Chinese communities.

What Chinese holiday is now?

Each year, China has 7 public holidays enjoyed by all citizens: New Year, the Spring Festival (Chinese New Year), the Qingming Festival, Labor Day, the Dragon Boat Festival, the Mid-Autumn Festival, and National Day. The next China public holiday is National Day (October 1, 2021).

Is Christmas a holiday in China?

Most Chinese people do not celebrate Christmas at all. Christmas is not a public holiday in Mainland China. The commercial Christmas has become a major annual event in the major cities in China. On the streets and in department stores, there are Christmas trees, lights, and decorations.

Does China have religious holidays?

Holidays in China There are many traditional and religious festivals in China, in addition to official holiday dates. They include: New Year (January 1), Spring Festival (New Year according to the Lunar Calendar, celebrated during 7 days).

Is Sunday a holiday in China?

Just like much of the Western world, China uses a five-day workweek that spans from Monday to Friday, with Saturday and Sunday off.

Are there any school holidays in Shenzhen in 2021?

This page contains a calendar of all 2021 school holidays in Shenzhen. These dates are unlikely to be modified. However, please check back regularly for any updates that may occur. Please visit Shenzhen Municipal Education Commission for the original release of the 2020-2021 approved calendar.

What are some of the national holidays in China?

National Holidays: New Year’s Day, Women’s Day, May Day, Children’s Day… Traditional Festivals: Chinese New Year, Qingming, Dragon Boat, Mid-Autumn Day, Chongyang… Ethnic Minority Festivals: Water-Splashing, March Fair, Nadam Fair, End of Ramadan, Corban…

When is the winter solstice holiday in China?

China Holidays & Festivals. The coming Winter Solstice falls on December 21, 2020. China has seven legal holidays in a year, including New Year’s Day, Chinese New Year (Spring Festival), Qingming Festival, May Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Day and National Day.

Are there any public holidays in China in 2021?

2021 China Public Holiday Calendar Holiday Name 2021 Date 2021 Holiday May Day May 1 May 1 – 5 Dragon Boat Festival Jun. 14 Jun. 12 – 14 Mid-Autumn Day Sep. 21 Sep. 19 – 21 National Day Oct. 1 Oct. 1 – 7