Is Gowiwi good at th9?

Is Gowiwi good at th9?

You have to have the barbarian king and archer queen, both at least level 5, in order for this strategy to work. If your queen or king is upgrading then it can still work but is slightly more risky. This will usually 2 star mid to high TH9s if you do it right….High level TH9 GoWiPe.

Troop and Spell Type Quantity Min Lvl
Poison Spells 1 Any

When to use GoWiPe or GoWiWi?

So these are reasons why you should use Gowipe instead of Gowiwi.

  1. Faster to train.
  2. If you only have 1 barracks that can train golems, you need to wait for the witches to train until the golems are able to be trained.
  4. Pekkas deal much more damage than skeletons and witches.

How do I use Gowiwi?

  1. Lure the Clan Castle troops with the barbarians. Take all of them out.
  2. Drop the Lightning spells.
  3. Deploy the Golems around the base.
  4. Deploy the Wizards behind the Golems.
  5. Deploy witches to kill the heroes.
  6. Deploy your heroes, using the abilities when needed.
  7. Use the wall breakers and other spells when needed.

How do you attack GoWiPe?

So how to do a GoWiPe attack?

  1. Use your golems as a meat shield.
  2. Clear enough buildings from the sides so that your P.E.K.K.A.
  3. Space out your wizards enough that one splash damage defense (or Giant Bomb) does not kill multiple wizards.

What troops should I use for th8?

Bring an extra P.E.K.K.A. and your Barbarian King to battle. Use a Heal Spell and a Rage Spell when the P.E.K.K.A.s are in the core to guarantee that they destroy the Town Hall. Use the extra Archer to pick off a building if you need to destroy a builder hut in a corner!

What is Gowiwi COC?

Introduction: This strategy enables you to easily get 2 stars on most TH9 opponents in clan wars. Drop 7 wizards, your clan castle wizards, then the 2 witches in a line behind the golems.