Is IC Norcom accredited?

Is IC Norcom accredited?

Rationale: Based on 2013-2014 test data, I.C. Norcom High School has demonstrated improvement in student achievement in reading, mathematics, science, and history and has currently met the accreditation benchmarks in English, science, and history.

How old is Ic norcom High School?

The name of one of the city’s great educators lends a touch of class to the school building that rises at 1801 London Blvd. I.C. Norcom High School takes its name from Israel Charles Norcom, who graced the city’s Chestnut Street School from 1883 until 1916, the year he died.

What jobs did Israel Charles norcom have?

Educator Israel Charles Norcom, who lived from 1856 to 1916, worked as a teacher and administrator in Portsmouth schools for more than three decades. The first school to bear his name opened in 1920 in the city.

Who is Israel Charles norcom?

Israel Charles Norcom, a well-educated African-American, came to Portsmouth to teach in 1883 and became principal of the old Chestnut Street high school in 1909. The school was named for him when he died in 1916 and that name has come to symbolize self-esteem and pride for the black community.

What does IC Norcom stand for?

I. C. Norcom High School is a public high school in Portsmouth, Virginia. It is administered by Portsmouth City Public Schools. The school colors are maroon and grey, and the mascot is the Greyhounds. The school was named after Israel Charles Norcom, its first supervising principal.

When was IC Norcom built?

I.C. Norcom High School/Founded
It opened in September 1997 under the leadership of Mr. Walter Taylor. The school, originally known as the High Street School, was founded in 1913 as the first high school for black students and was located in the True Reformers Building at 915 High Street.

What was norcom original name?

I. C. Norcom has a well-decorated NJROTC unit. They came in first place in the 2013 Fishbowl parade….

I. C. Norcom High School
1801 London Boulevard Portsmouth , Virginia 23704
Coordinates 36°50′9.9″N 76°19′11.1″WCoordinates: 36°50′9.9″N 76°19′11.1″W
Former name High Street School (1913– )

When was norcom founded?

I.C. Norcom High School/Founded

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