Is Juke Tekna a 4×4?

Is Juke Tekna a 4×4?

This is the top-spec car, with a 1.6-litre turbocharged petrol engine, four-wheel drive and a CVT gearbox.

Does the Nissan Juke come in 4 wheel drive?

Juke comes standard with front-wheel drive but offers the option of all-wheel drive (AWD).

Is Nissan Juke 1.2 DIG-T?


What is Nissan Juke like to drive?

The Nissan Juke’s engine feels strong enough around town but does feel a little laboured when sprinting down motorway slip roads and overtaking at higher speeds. There are three driving modes (Eco, Standard and Sport) and the Juke feels liveliest in the latter, although you’d never call it quick, or sporty.

How fuel efficient is the Nissan Juke?

Nissan Juke MPG & CO2 It isn’t quite as efficient as some of its rivals, returning 49.6mpg. The petrol engine isn’t desperately economical either. It boasts a best of 35.8mpg with the hard-to-recommend CVT automatic gearbox, but with the manual gearbox and the largest 18-inch wheels this drops to a below-par 33.6mpg.

Do Nissan Jukes have transmission problems?

It’s a type of car problem that’s not hard to notice. Nissan Juke transmission problems can present themselves as shifting delays, jumping or grinding during acceleration, the car shaking at any speed, or whistling noises and a burning smell coming from under the hood.

Is the Nissan Juke 1.6 DIG T Tekna trustworthy?

Nissan makes some very reliable cars, and there is little doubt that the Juke 1.6 DiG-T Tekna too will be very trustworthy. The Juke 1.6 DiG-T Tekna is very pricey at £18,095. It is the second most expensive car in the Juke range but does come with plenty of equipment.

Is the Nissan DIG-T Tekna a good car?

Interior space is at a premium. The Juke 1.6 DiG-T Tekna offers a very comfortable ride, however the downside to this is plenty of body-roll under cornering. The steering is quick, if a little vague, but front end grip isn’t as good as it could be.

What kind of engine does a Nissan Juke have?

The all-new Nissan Juke, of which we’ve driven one variant before – a not especially pokey diesel variety, sampled abroad. This version is a tad more relevant to the Juke’s supposed purpose of being a crossover between an SUV and – get this – a sports car. A 1.6 turbo with 188bhp provides what should be a hot-hatch level of shove.

Is the Nissan Juke ACENTA + Premium Pack 5DR a good car?

The Nissan Juke 1.6 DIG-T Acenta + Premium Pack 5dr looks great, drives well and offers a decent amount of kit for the money. However, the engine feels a little laboured and the interior is a littl… The Juke is a fantastic looking car and this version comes with the 1.6 litre DiG-T engine which delivers decent performance.