Is mast a Urdu word?

Is mast a Urdu word?

The Urdu Word مست Meaning in English is Lustful. The other similar words are Nafs Parast, Mast, , Kaami and Tharki. The synonyms of Lustful include are Lascivious, Lewd, Libidinous, Sensual and Wanton.

What is English mast?

(Entry 1 of 3) 1 : a long pole or spar rising from the keel or deck of a ship and supporting the yards, booms, and rigging. 2 : a slender vertical or nearly vertical structure (such as an upright post in various cranes)

What is the synonym of mast?

In this page you can discover 25 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for mast, like: spar, flagstaff, post, trunk, maypole, column, timber, masto-, foreyard, gooseneck and mainmast.

What language is mast?

The Persian word مست (romanized as ‘mast’) is a staple of mystic poetry. Literally, it means drunk or inebriated. More accurately, it is used to mean a state of spiritual euphoria. It has very positive and active connotations.

What means half mast?

Half-mast (British, Canadian and Australian English) or half-staff (American English) refers to a flag flying below the summit of a ship mast, a pole on land, or a pole on a building. In many countries this is seen as a symbol of respect, mourning, distress, or, in some cases, a salute.

What is the sentence of mast?

1. All the flags were at half mast . 2. The candidate nailed his colours to the mast on the question of civil rights.

What does mast only mean?

Expression used to mean that you have provided fingerprints for all your fingers, thumbs included (i.e. 10 fingers), as opposed to having provided only two fingerprints.

What is a mast used for?

A mast is also another name for flagpole. The mast has an important job — to support the sails, which allows the wind to propel the ship. Other types of masts are used to support flags and called flagpoles.

What is opposite mast?

noun. ( ˈmæst) A vertical spar for supporting sails. Antonyms. starve breastfeed bottlefeed stand still ebb abstain denitrify. sailing ship spar mizzenmast foremast topmast.

What is ship’s mast?

A mast is a pole that rises vertically from a ship and supports the sails. Really big sailboats have more than one mast. A mast is also another name for flagpole. The mast has an important job — to support the sails, which allows the wind to propel the ship.

What is to hatch?

transitive verb. 1a : to produce (young) from an egg by applying natural or artificial heat. b : incubate sense 1a. 2 : to bring into being : originate especially : to concoct in secret hatch a plot.

How far is half-mast?

Half-masting would normally be when the top of the flag is one-third of the distance down from the top. For the half-masting of flags on Anzac Day and Remembrance Day, refer to special occasions on which flags should be flown.