Is the UGA bus free?

Is the UGA bus free?

UGA buses are free to ride. They run on weekday and weekend schedules. The University Village bus will also take you to The Arch stop which is a short walk from restaurants in the southern portion of downtown. …

Is Athens transit free for UGA students?

Campus Transit provides bus and para-transit services to the UGA campus. Keeping track of the next available bus is easy through UGA’s mobile app available on Apple and Android devices and at Anyone with a valid UGA ID can also ride Athens Transit for free.

How much are UGA parking tickets?

Each ticket costs $40 — with an additional $75 if the car is booted or towed. After receiving more than five citations in a semester, the violator is considered a “habitual offender” and is immediately booted. There is no way of getting around paying for parking tickets, Volk said, whether one is a UGA student or not.

How much is a bus pass in Athens?

Bus Fares & Passes

Fares Regular Fares Elderly & Disabled (E&D) Fares
Day Pass $3 $1.50
30 Ride Ticket $25 $12
60 Day Pass $40 $20
120 Day Pass $80 $40

Are there any bus routes that change at UGA?

UGA bus routes are subject to change based on campus need and as we navigate how to better serve the UGA community during the COVID-19 pandemic. Live track the bus on the UGA App or on for the most accurate information. Limited bus service is provided during university holidays, Finals, Maymester, and Summer sessions.

Where do I get a UGA bus card?

All bus card requests are handled through Print & Copy Services, Room 375 Tate Student Center. All bus cards must advertise an event sponsored by a registered student organization, a UGA department, or a U.S. government organization. Refer to the listing of registered clubs if you are unsure whether your organization is registered.

Is the UGA transit fare free in Atlanta?

UGA and Athens are well-connected to Atlanta and beyond. Inclusion in this list is informational for the benefit of our customers and does not represent an endorsement of services provided. For points within Athens-Clarke County, students, staff and faculty use Athens Transit fare-free with their valid UGA OneCard.

How long is the bus from plant sciences to ugarden?

There are f buses on this route with an expected run time of 24 minutes, creating an interval of six minutes with a total of 10 Milledge Avenue buses hitting each stop per hour. The route services Plant Sciences bus stop for riders needing to get to the UGArden off of Milledge Avenue.