What does it mean to say I got your number?

What does it mean to say I got your number?

to understand someone or realize the true purpose of their actions. I’ve got your number – don’t think you can fool me. Synonyms and related words. To understand someone’s character or thinking. engage with.

What does did a number expression mean?

to deliberately do something that has a negative effect on someone or something. The reviewers really did a number on that film. Synonyms and related words. To be cruel or unkind to someone.

What is an idiomatic error?

What is an idiomatic error? Essentially, an error of idiom is a mistake in the word or words, often prepositions, that are used in association with other words, often verbs. An example would be the previous phrase, “used in association with”. There are literally thousands of idiomatic phrases in English.

What is the origin of having someone’s number?

The earliest citation of get/take/have [one’s] number is from Dickens’ Bleak House, published in 1853: Whenever a person proclaims to you ‘In worldly matters I’m a child,’ that person is only a crying off from being held accountable, and you have got that person’s number, and it’s Number One.

What does I had her number mean?

informal. : to be able to deal with or defeat someone easily especially because one knows or understands that person so well She thinks she’s got my number, but I’m going to prove her wrong.

Did a number on something?

to injure someone or something, or to hurt or embarrass someone: She really did a number on her old boyfriend, making him beg her to come back and then turning him down. …

What does the idiom when everything goes wrong?

When the worst part of the bad situation is over, this idiom is for you! Out of the woods is an expression that means out of trouble or danger. It refers to being lost in the woods—when you get out of the woods you are safe, though you aren’t quite home yet.

What is to back the wrong horse?

: someone or something that is not successful —used with choose/pick/back (etc.) The company has been losing money, and many investors are beginning to feel that they may have backed the wrong horse.

What does it mean to have a little number?

“Little number” means “a specific thing”. I hear (not often enough), “She’s a hot little number.” Meaning this specific girl is a hottie. So in this case he is saying that this specific bottle of wine is a very nice bottle of wine.

Is quite a number?

A significant but unspecified amount; a lot.

What does the idiom Got Your Number mean?

Meaning of Idiom ‘Got Your (or someone’s) Number. When you have got someone’s number, it means they know your true character or intentions and thereby have an advantage. 1Ayto, John.

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Do You Say I have got someone’s number?

Although this idiom is often given as ‘get someone’s number’ there is actually no such idiom. We never say “I will get your number.” Instead, the present perfect “I have got” is almost always used. The past perfect is possible also, as in “I had got.” Got, here is used to mean the same thing as have, which can also be used as a variant.

What does it mean when someone tells you they have your number?

To say “I’ve got your number” means “I have your number.”. When you have someone’s number, you know what kind of person they are, you understand their true motivations or intent. When you know that someone is secretly trying to do something bad, then you have their number.