What is a good army name?

What is a good army name?

The 15 Coolest Unit Nicknames in the US Military

  1. Hell On Wheels. 2nd Armored Division, US Army: The 2nd Armored Division was active from 1940 to 1995 and was once commanded by Gen.
  2. Old Iron Sides.
  3. Bloody Bucket.
  4. Red Bull.
  5. Yellow Jackets.
  6. Gunslingers.
  7. Diamondbacks.
  8. Bounty Hunters.

How do you name an army?


  1. If numbered, spell out the number and put it at the front: …to First Army…
  2. If named, put the name at the end: …to Army Karpaty… But preserve English idioms: …to the Army of the Potomac…
  3. If the army has a type designation, put it before the word “Army”: Twentieth Mountain Army…

What are the military squad names?

Daily News Brief

  • Squad. A small military unit consisting of ten to eleven soldiers, normally led by a staff sergeant.
  • Platoon. A platoon is four squads: generally three rifle squads and one weapons squad, normally armed with machine guns and anti-tank weapons.
  • Company.
  • Battalion.
  • Regiment.
  • Brigade.
  • Division.
  • Corps.

What are nicknames for soldiers?

Nicknames for U.S. Soldiers

  • Jonny Rebel? A Confederate soldier during the Civil War.
  • Billy Yank? A Union soldier during the Civil War.
  • Doughboy? A World War I Soldier.
  • Dogface? A World War II and Korean War Soldier.
  • Grunt? A Vietnam War soldier.
  • Leatherneck, Jarhead? A US Marine.
  • Mustang?
  • Fall-Out?

How to choose a good private military company name?

A great name for your company is the key to success. Here are some high name private military companies to give you some ideas for your own business. Go here to see more name ideas and find out the formula for choosing the perfect business name.

What are some random names for an army?

Army name generator. This name generator will give you 10 random names for armies and subdivisions within an army. Many names have a darker or imposing name, often including death or blood. Red, the color of blood, is also part of many names, including its synonyms, like ‘sanguine’, ‘crimson’ and ‘maroon’. The names have been divided…

What are the names of some military companies?

What are some famous military business names? 1 AirScan. 2 Custer Battles. 3 MAG Aerospace. 4 Northrop Grumman. 5 Raytheon. 6 Titan Corporation. More

What are the names of all the armies?

The first 6 names are normal names, consisting of single or paired words, which often describe what kind of army or army division it is, or a backstory behind either that army or those part of it. Names like ‘The Black Sheep’ or ‘The Final Division’. The last 4 names are randomly generated words, mostly meant for fantasy-styled armies.