What is Fox CTD?

What is Fox CTD?

Your Fox fork is equipped with a CTD damper. It means Climb, Trail, Descend. It gives you five low-speed compression adjustments, three available on the fly. The Descend allows the damper to be most wide open, letting it react to every small bump, giving you best performance in aggressive riding.

How much does it cost to rebuild a Fox shock?

Snowmobile Services

Basic Rebuild Services Price (each)
Rebuild Fox Reservoir Shock $55*
Rebuild Fox Float / Float 2 / Float 3 $55*
Rebuild Fox Float Evol / Evol R $65*
Rebuild Fox Float Evol RC2 / Evol X $80*

How much air should I put in my Fox 36?

Setting Sag

36 float AIR SPRING SETTING guidelines
Rider Weight Air Pressure
< 125 lbs. 45 psi
125 – 135 lbs. 48 psi
135 – 145 lbs. 50 psi

What PSI should my bike shock be?

Often yes, usually rear shocks run 100-200psi, but fork psi varies a lot, depending on the design. Get the sag around 25% (maybe slightly less sag in the front than the rear) and see how it rides (that’s what really matters), adjust on the trail as needed.

What does float CTD float X CTD stand for?

Performance FLOAT CTD BV; Anodized air sleeve and body, lever actuated Climb/Trail/Descend (3 position), rebound, air spring pressure. Evolution FLOAT CTD Remote; Anodized air sleeve and body, remote actuated Climb/Trail/Descend (3 position), rebound, air spring pressure.

What’s the maximum pressure on a float CTD shock?

FLOAT CTD shocks have a maximum pressure of 300psi. Unscrew the black air cap to expose the schrader valve. Slide your shocks sag setting o-ring up against the shock dust wiper. Rotate the CTD lever to the Descend mode (fully counter-clockwise).

What’s the best ride mode for a float CTD?

Descend mode offers the most plush ride to ensure optimal traction over varied terrain. FLOAT CTD w/Adj model shocks feature a three-position Trail Adjust control that regulates low-speed compression damping only in Trail mode. 1 is the softest setting, 2 is the medium setting, and 3 is the firmest setting.

What’s the best CTD setting for a shock?

Climb mode is a very firm low-speed compression setting (not designed to be a solid lockout). This setting is most useful for climbing and sprinting. Rotate the blue CTD lever to the middle setting to set the shock in Trail mode. Trail mode offers less compression damping than Climb mode.