What is Gonial angle?

What is Gonial angle?

Medical Definition of gonial angle : the angle formed by the junction of the posterior and lower borders of the human lower jaw. — called also angle of the jaw, angle of the mandible.

What are Gonial cells?

Filters. (cytology) Of or pertaining to the gonia, primitive germ cells. adjective. (anatomy, dentistry) Of or pertaining to the gonion, the point at the apex of the mandible, or lower jaw.

What is your Gonion?

Medical Definition of gonion : the point on each lower human jaw closest to the vertex of the gonial angle.

What does Nasion mean?

Medical Definition of nasion : the middle point of the nasofrontal suture.

What is ANB angle?

Cephalometric angles According to the Steiner analysis: ANB (A point, nasion, B point) indicates whether the skeletal relationship between the maxilla and mandible is a normal skeletal class I (+2 degrees), a skeletal Class II (+4 degrees or more), or skeletal class III (0 or negative) relationship.

What level is the Gonion?

Positioning of the Cervical and Thoracic Spine

Question Answer
Gonion is at the level of C3
Xiphoid process (tip) is at the level of T10
Thyroid cartilage is at the level of C4-C5
Jugular notch is at the level of T2-T3

What is Gonial eversion?

Gonial eversion: At gonion, male crania tend to have rugose muscle attachments that curve outward, or evert from the surface of the mandible. Females more often lack this eversion or may even invert toward the midline.

What is the definition of Glabella?

: the smooth prominence between the eyebrows.

What is a naison?

The nasion (also known as bridge of the nose) is the midline bony depression between the eyes where the frontal and two nasal bones meet, just below the glabella. It is one of the skull landmarks: craniometric points for radiological or anthropological skull measurement.