What is the Army SPO?

What is the Army SPO?

That SPO is responsible for handing all the logistics issues within the battalion (maneuver). They handle all the logistical requests and plan and coordinate support missions done by the FSC for the maneuver battalion.

What do sustainment brigades do?

A sustainment brigade has a joint capability that allows the Army to better manage the flow of logistics into the area of operations (AO) and provides support to other services for common logistics like fuel, common ammo, medical supplies, repair parts of wheeled vehicles, and so forth.

What is the main function of the TSC SPO?

The SpO is the principal staff officer for coordinating support for all units within the sustainment brigade’s assigned AO. The SpO also provides technical supervision of all sustainment operations conducted by the sustainment brigade and is therefore the key interface between supported units and the TSC/ESC.

What are the roles and responsibilities of an attached sustainment brigade?

ROLE AND FUNCTIONS The sustainment brigade executes logistics and personnel services functions associated with theater opening, sustainment, distribution, and theater closing missions.

What is the full form of SPO?


Acronym Definition
SPO Security Police Officer
SPO Special Order (used in retail stores operation)
SPO Supplier Purchase Order
SPO State Purchasing Officer (various locations)

What does an army plans officer do?

Responsible for planning, coordinating and conducting recurring planning conferences, video teleconferences, and Operational Planning Group (OPG) meetings in order to synchronize staff inputs and prepare products for the First Army Command Group.

What are the eight principles of sustainment?

In this article, we introduce a mnemonic to help users remember the sustainment principles of anticipation, continuity, responsiveness, integration, simplicity, improvisation, survivability, and economy.

What are the army’s two levels of maintenance?

The system separates Army maintenance into two categories: field-level maintenance and sustainment-level maintenance.

What is the difference between a TSC and an ESC?

Operationally controlled units have better access to corps enablers. A TSC cannot provide mission command for maneuver or combat support organizations in a JTF area. The ESC commander communicates the JTF commander’s sustainment priorities to the strategic sustainment enterprise.

Which is a force health protection role that the TSC surgeon fills?

1. Which is a force health protection role that the theater sustainment command (TSC) surgeon fills? Planning for and accomplishing pre-deployment and post deployment health assessments.

What does an Army plans officer do?

What is a support operations officer?

The support operations officer (SPO) is the principal BSB staff officer for coordinating CSS to the SBCT. He provides the technical supervision for the external CSS mission of the support battalion. He is the key interface between the supported units and the support battalion.

What is the Sustainment Brigade designed to provide?

The sustainment brigade is designed to provide mission command for combat support and combat service support units. It can be adjusted in size to support anywhere from one to ten brigade combat teams (BCTs).

Is a Sustainment Brigade a fixed organization?

The sustainment brigade is a fixed headquarters organization comprised of a command group, staff and special troops battalion. The support capability of the sustainment brigade comes from the attachment of various organizations based on the specific mission.

What is the abbreviation for Bde Sustainment Brigade?

SUST stands for BDE Sustainment Brigade (also Scandinavian Urban Studies Term and 18 more)