What is the basic salary of CA?

What is the basic salary of CA?

How much does a Chartered Accountant in India earn based on Job Profile?

Job Profile of a CA Average salary per annum
Chartered Accountant 7-7.25 lakh
Financial Analyst 5-6 lakh
Assistant account manager 4-5 lakh
Senior Account Executive 3-4 lakh

What is the monthly salary of CA?

The Chartered Accountant (according to survey in 2019) is paid the average hourly salary of Rs 700 (ranging from minimum of Rs 500 to 3000) monthly average salary Rs 55,000(ranging from a minimum of Rs 10000 to 1,50,000).

Does CA have scope in future in Pakistan?

CA stands for chartered accountancy. It is a rewarding career and there are excellent scenarios for employment in audit firms as well as in local companies, multi-nationals, local and foreign banks. In today’s world there are vast career opportunities for chartered accountants in Pakistan.

What is the salary of ACCA in Pakistan per month?

ACCA Salaries

Job Title Salary
Marketing Manager salaries – 1 salaries reported PKR 300,000/mo
MAnagement Trainee – Auditor salaries – 1 salaries reported PKR 20,000/mo
ACCA Trainee for Acca Articleship salaries – 1 salaries reported PKR 20,000/mo
Student salaries – 1 salaries reported PKR 60,000/mo

Is CA a govt job?

Can Chartered Accountants have a government job? The answer to the question invariably is Yes. Chartered Accountants and especially experienced ones can get a government job along with good salary packages.

Is CA in demand in Pakistan?

Today the profession of Accountancy is in demand, accounting jobs in Pakistan are seen regularly in the newspapers. Number of colleges and universities offer different accounting courses and accounting degree programs. Today there are limitless career opportunities for accountants in Pakistan.

What is salary of ACCA?

An individual with ACCA qualification can earn an average salary of up to INR 8 lac p.a. The payscale generally ranges between INR 4 lac p.a. To INR 15 lac p.a. It could go higher too, depending upon candidate’s skills, company’s demands, competition, etc.

Who earns more ACCA or CA in Pakistan?

The salary of CA is also high as compared to ACCA in Pakistan but it doesn’t mean that ACCA doesn’t have scope in Pakistan and there are no job opportunities for ACCA students. The scope of ACCA is very good in Pakistan and ACCA can earn a high income in Pakistan as compared to CA but it depends on circumstances.