What is the best horse racing software?

What is the best horse racing software?

Betmix is the best handicapping software on the market, easy to use and proven to find more winners. Using the powerful artificial intelligence system in the MixMaker handicapping software, you can have the computer handicap races for you and reveal the most accurate settings for past races.

What is the best horse handicapping software?

TrackMaster Plus ProTrackMaster Plus Pro is our extremely popular, top-of-the-line handicapping software program. Exclusive ratings and statistics make it the most powerful and comprehensive product available.

Is form genie any good?

Formgenie Reviews Outstanding customer service and extremely valuable information. I use the ‘bot’ which has produced fabulous results on autopilot. Definately 5 stars!!

How much does Betmix cost?

How much does a Betmix membership cost? For only $50 per month, you can have full and complete access to all of the races and handicapping tools offered by BetMix. Yearly subscriptions are $500 (a $100 savings), and a daily pass is $8.

What makes a winning horse?

A horse that can perform well regardless of the ground conditions can have a successful career. Racing over the right distance is a key factor. Often it will take a few races to work out the best distance over which a horse should run.

What kind of software is used for horse racing?

All in one horse racing software that includes form book, statistics, speed and form ratings, systems builder and tissue prices. Proform is used by TV pundits, professional punters and hobbyists.

Where can I find horse racing betting software?

To find such a program, you need to explore the capabilities of each of the programs and reviews of other bookmakers. The best horse racing software programs can be found at Bett-Market, and a personal manager will help you to do it.

Which is the best form guide for horse racing?

Proform Racing is a powerful horse racing form guide and research tool that runs on your windows computer (or a Mac running Windows). Our Software provides the ultimate in horseracing data and research tools which means you have a unique edge over 99% of punters who are not using our information.

What can you do with proform racing software?

Our Tools Make In Running Betting Easy. Using Proform’s in running tools in the formbook and system builder, you can Find back to lay bets. Find lay to back bets. Find which courses favour low priced horses getting beaten. Analyse betting using a low in running price against 1000′s of parameters plus much more.