What is the culture of Brittany?

What is the culture of Brittany?

Brittany is synonymous with tradition especially in gastronomy, history, and religious domains. While language music and festivals keep alive the celtic influence and traditions, the neolithic period has left a legacy of menhirs and dolmens, known all over the world.

Does Brittany have its own culture?

The culture of Brittany is made up of Breton culture, and Celtic culture. Brittany’s strongest international connections tend to be in the United Kingdom, particularly in the Celtic groups of Cornwall and Wales, and in Canada.

What is special about Brittany France?

One of France’s most rugged and friendly regions, Brittany is a fascinating mix of spectacular coastline, medieval towns, magical islands and inland woods. A Celtic duchy for more than one thousand years before its annexation to France in 1532, it is a land rich in culture, tradition and history.

Why is Brittany different from France?

Brittany is distinct from other French regions because of its Celtic heritage. About one-quarter of its population of 2,815,900 (1992 est.) are able to speak Breton, a Celtic language similar to Cornish and Welsh. The language, customs, and costumes are preserved mainly in the more isolated west.

What do people wear in Brittany France?

The women wear long dresses with white aprons, lace collars with lace headdresses. And men wear a white shirt with black trousers along with a close-fitting vest. The distinctive Breton costume is deeply associated with their culture.

What are people from Brittany like?

The Breton habits:

  • They’re very proud. Ridiculously proud, and with good reason, it’s a magical place.
  • They love their flag. The black and white flag of Brittany, known as the Gwenn-ha-du, is everywhere you look.
  • They’re truly hospitable.
  • They’re galette mad.
  • They’re weather deniers.

What do you drink with Brittany?

Brittany is known for its delicious cider, which is traditionally drunk with galettes or crêpes. The traditional drink with your galettes or crêpes is Breton apple cider, a slightly effervescent drink with a low alcohol content.

Is English spoken in Brittany?

The people of Brittany all speak French, and many speak English quite well. Only 5% of the population can speak the Breton regional language. Through the local efforts of the Bretons and their Diwan (Breton language schools), children are being taught in the native language while they learn standard curriculum.