What is the geographical location of New Zealand?

What is the geographical location of New Zealand?

South Pacific Ocean
New Zealand is located in the South Pacific Ocean at 41°S 174°E, near the centre of the water hemisphere. It is a long and narrow country, extending 1,600 kilometres (990 mi) along its north-north-east axis with a maximum width of 400 kilometres (250 mi).

Where is Iraq located geographically?

Iraq is one of the easternmost countries of the Arab world, located at about the same latitude as the southern United States. It is bordered to the north by Turkey, to the east by Iran, to the west by Syria and Jordan, and to the south by Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

Where in the world is New Zealand give a specific location?

New Zealand, Māori Aotearoa, island country in the South Pacific Ocean, the southwesternmost part of Polynesia. New Zealand is a remote land—one of the last sizable territories suitable for habitation to be populated and settled—and lies more than 1,000 miles (1,600 km) southeast of Australia, its nearest neighbour.

What is the region of Iraq?

Iraq can be divided into four geographical regions: the Tigris-Euphrates alluvial plains in central and southeastern Iraq; Al-Jazeerah, an upland region in the north between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers; deserts in the west and south, covering about two-fifths of the country; and highlands in the north and northeast …

What is the closest country to New Zealand?

The closest country to New Zealand is Australia.

What is the closest country to NZ?

The closest country to New Zealand is Australia. Known fondly as our “big brother”, Australia is often mistaken as being the same country as New Zealand.

How far is New Zealand from closest country?

The closest country to New Zealand is Australia.

Where is New Zealand located in the world?

To the east of Australia across the Tasman Sea is the country of New Zealand. New Zealand is one of a number of sets of islands that make up Oceania, also referred to as the Pacific Islands, a region occupying the western and central Pacific Ocean.

Where are the northern highlands of Iraq located?

The northeastern highlands begin just south of a line drawn from Mosul to Kirkuk and extend to the borders with Turkey and Iran. High ground, separated by broad, undulating steppes, gives way to mountains ranging from 1,000 to 3,611 meters (3,281 to 11,847 ft) near the Iranian and Turkish borders.

Where is the uplands region of Iraq located?

The uplands region, between the Tigris north of Samarra and the Euphrates north of Hit, is known as Al Jazira (the island) and is part of a larger area that extends westward into Syria between the two rivers and into Turkey.

Which is the third largest island in New Zealand?

The land masses by size are the North Island (or Te Ika-a-Māui) and the South Island (or Te Waipounamu ), separated by the Cook Strait. The third-largest is Stewart Island (or Rakiura ), located 30 kilometres (19 miles) off the tip of the South Island across Foveaux Strait. Other islands are significantly smaller in area.