What is the hallmark for palladium?

What is the hallmark for palladium?

Three standards of fineness marks are recognised for palladium hallmarks. They are 500 (50% pure), 950 (95% pure), plus 999 (99.9% pure) for ‘pure palladium’. Palladium of 500 fineness is harder than 950, and more suitable for intricate items. These would include diamond rings with complex designs.

Are palladium rings hallmarked?

The Palladium Hallmark is Made Compulsory For Rings & Jewellery. In July 2009, a voluntary hallmark (unique marking) was awarded for palladium and on 1 January 2010, became compulsory.

Is hallmarking a legal requirement?

It is therefore a legal requirement to hallmark all articles consisting of silver, palladium, gold or platinum (subject to certain exemptions) if they are to be described as such.

What is a CCM mark?

The CCM is a conformity mark indicating that the article of precious metals has been controlled in accordance with the Convention’s requirements. Platinum, gold and silver are defined as precious metals in most Contracting States. Palladium, which was introduced in 2010, is not accepted everywhere.

Can you sell unmarked silver?

Unmarked and foreign silver is outside the scope of the Act. Silver stamped with only a maker’s mark is also outside the Act. If in doubt, speak to an assay office, a reputable dealer or an expert source. Is it legal for an auctioneer to catalogue an item of British silver as wrong or a fake?

Can I hallmark my own silver?

You can stamp your own work with a 925 stamp to say that it is made from sterling silver. However this does not act as a hallmark and hallmarking rules stated above still apply. You can only use a 925 stamp if your design uses genuine sterling silver.

Why would a manufacturer request a convention hallmark?

The Convention on the Control and Marking of Articles of Precious Metals (known as the Hallmarking Convention) is an international treaty between Contracting States, which aims to eliminate trade barriers in the cross-border trade of precious metal articles.

When did Palladium come under hallmarking control?

“The Hallmarking Act 1973 (Application to Palladium) Order 2009 (SI 2009/2040)” came into force on 22 July 2009 making it the fourth precious metal to be placed under hallmarking control. The ranking of precious metal now starts with platinum as the most valuable through gold, palladium and then silver.

How big of a hallmark do you need for palladium?

Hallmarks are a UK legal requirement on all articles containing precious metals. This now applies to any palladium article over one gram; for platinum it is items over half a gram, for gold 1 gram and 7.78 grams for silver. . . Hallmarks show purity as a fineness number.

When was the last meeting of the Hallmarking Convention?

The objective of the Hallmarking Convention (also known as “Precious Metals Convention”) is to facilitate trade in precious metal articles while at the same time maintaining fair trade and consumer protection justified by the particular nature of these articles. The last meeting of the Standing Committee took place virtually on 19-20 May 2021.

What does the standard mark on palladium mean?

The ‘standard’ mark shows the purity or fineness of the metal, and the ‘assay office’ mark shows the assayer. Marks may also include International Convention marks, Commemorative marks for special occasions, and older traditional Marks. . .