Which caste is famous in Gujarat?

Which caste is famous in Gujarat?

Hindu communities The major communities in Gujarat are the major sailor and seafood exporters Kharwa, traditional Agriculturalist such as Patel, Bharvad, Meenas, and Rabari.Rajput, Charan, Patel and Rabari are landlords communities in Gujarat.

Is Patel a caste?

Patel is an Indian title, in tune with the Hindu caste system, that represent some of the castes that are predominant in the Indian state of Gujarat that are either tenant farmers or land owners. Patel – Village Headman (Gujarati surname) 6.

Can a Patel marry a Brahmin?

Patel can marry a Bramhin. Legally it’s allowed. Please make sure that both of them are Adult (Crosses Age 18). Once both of them croses the 18-years barrier then they can do whatever they want to….

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Which caste is Koli Patel?

Koli Patels and Clans Patel is a Surname of the Koli caste of Gujarat in India which have most importance in the Politics of Gujarat and Koli Patels of Saurashtra was most benefited under the rule of Indian National Congress party. Koli Patels are recognised as a Other Backward Class caste by Government of Gujarat.

Which is caste has the highest number in Gujarat?

Kolis Of Gujarat Divided In Subcaste Such As, Thakor Koli, Patanwadia Koli, Talpada Koli, Baria Koli, Ghedia Koli, Koli Patel, Chunvalia Koli. Second Is Patidar 14 Of Gujarat’s Population. What is the caste population division in Rajasthan?

What is the current population of Gujarat state?

According to UID, Gujarat population in 2020 is estimated to be 64 Million (6.4 Crores). District wise population in Gujarat Below is the Gujarat district wise population as per Census 2011 and 2020 projection. Gujarat state has 33 districts, Ahmedabad and Surat are the largest districts by population with 8 million and 6 million.

Which is the most popular religion in Gujarat?

Gujarat Population by Religion Religion wise, Hinduism is the major religion of the Gujarat state, According to 2011 census 88.57% belong to Hinduism, followed by Muslim with 9.6%. Christianity, Buddhism, Jainism and Zoarstrism are represented with below 2% of population.

What was the Average Sex Ratio in Gujarat?

Similarly the average sex ratio in rural areas of Gujarat was 949 females per 1000 males. The Child sex ratio of rural areas in Gujarat was 914 girls per 1000 boys. The average literacy rate in Gujarat for urban regions was 86.31 percent in which males were 90.98% literate while female literacy stood at 81.03%.