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Are BMW R1200RT reliable?

Are BMW R1200RT reliable?

Reliability & build quality BMW R1200RT are good, although sometimes not quite as good as the reputation suggests… There have been no BMW R1200RT scare stories yet and metal and paint finishes are as good as any motorcycle, but you still need to fight off salt corrosion in winter.

What does a BMW R1200RT weight?


Manufacturer BMW Motorrad
Weight 229 kg (505 lb) (dry) 259 kg (571 lb) w/o panniers (wet)
Fuel capacity 25 L (5.5 imp gal; 6.6 US gal)
Fuel consumption 41.6 mpg‑US (5.65 L/100 km; 50.0 mpg‑imp)
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How heavy is a BMW motorcycle?


R1200GS, 2013 model with Akrapovič HP titanium exhaust
Manufacturer BMW Motorrad
Seat height 850 mm (33 in) 895 mm (35.2 in) (Adv)
Weight 203 kg (448 lb) 229 kg (505 lb) (LC) 223 kg (492 lb) (Adv) (dry) 229 kg (505 lb) 238 kg (525 lb) (LC) 256 kg (564 lb) (Adv) (wet)

How much does a BMW K 1200 LT weigh?

779.3 pounds

BMW K1200LT Dimensions, Aerodynamics and weight
Front Brakes Dimensions – Disc Dimensions 320 mm (12.6 inches)
Rear Brakes Dimensions – Disc Dimensions 285 mm (11.2 inches)
Curb Weight (including fluids)
Dry Weight 353.5 kg (779.3 pounds)

Are BMW bikes reliable?

According to latest Consumer Reports customer satisfaction poll, BMW is dead last when it comes to reliability. It seems like newer Beemers are plagued with reliability issues and owners are not happy about it. Ducati is not far ahead, with similar issues reported.

Is the BMW R1200RT a good motorcycle?

In stock trim, however, the BMW R1200RT is still very comfortable thanks to comprehensive instrumentation, effective screen and mirrors and, best of all, the sumptious and usefully height adjustable seat. Every motorcycle should have one. Compare and buy parts for the R1200RT in the MCN Shop.

Is there a recall on the R1200RT RT?

There *is* a recall on the RT (maybe other models) final drive flange. IIR it gets replaced with a stronger one. There’s also a recall for the fuel pump mounting flange. Verify that the bike you’re looking at has had those done.

How big is the seat height on a BMW R1200RT?

Now 26kg lighter and with a host of technological updates such as electronic suspension, not to mention a far more attractive look, the R1200RT was ready to rule the touring world once again. Something it easily achieved. With an adjustable seat height, it’s accessible to shorter riders too.

How much does it cost to repair a R1200RT?

Also, not a good way to tell if it will happen soon. Like at a certain mileage it is great, and then 1000 miles later (or 100 miles later), final drive failure. And at around $2500-$3000 for the repair, kind of like the downsides of Vegas with no upside.