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Did New Balance discontinue the Minimus?

Did New Balance discontinue the Minimus?

With the New Balance Minimus and Brooks PureConnect being discontinued, fans may be looking for an alternative shoe option. The Minimus comes in the 12 to 16mm stack height (cushioning) range, so the CORE and FORM are the best options for a replacement.

Are New Balance Minimus good for running?

Overall, the New Balance Minimus 10 v1 is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a breathable, comfortable and durable running shoe.

Should you wear socks with barefoot shoes?

You can wear barefoot shoes with socks or without socks. It’s best to wear your barefoot shoes every day; the more and the longer, the better. But you should keep a second pair at home. Genuine leather shoes should get a break every two days, so they can breathe.

Do barefoot shoes strengthen Arches?

Another study found positive changes in the arches of people who increased their barefoot activity. And finally, a third study found barefoot running did reduce the pronation of runners – something people with flat feet tend to do.

How tall are New Balance minimus running shoes?

Technical specs Best Use Trail Running Trail-Running Shoe Type Light-Trail Running Shoe Cushioning Minimal Cushion Heel-To-Toe Drop (mm) 4 Footwear Height Ankle

What do the treads on New Balance shoes look like?

Like the overall shoe, the tread design is quite minimal, with faint cross-hatches on slightly raised round nubs spaced across the bottom of the outsole. On concrete and asphalt, that means the tread is quite unobtrusive and the shoe is pleasant to walk in.

What kind of midsoles does New Balance use?

Acteva® midsoles are 24% lighter than standard compression-molded foam from New Balance, providing optimal compression Vibram® outsoles provide maximum surface contact and multidirectional traction Imported. Measurements are stated in inches.