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How do I create a template in vCloud director?

How do I create a template in vCloud director?

Choose a “Virtual Machine”, enter his “vAPP Template name”, Select “catalog” where you want to put this vAPP Template and also choose option such as “Copy the VM “ or “Move” the same VM from vSphere to vCloud Director inventory.

What is vApp template?

VMware Cloud Director vApp template is a virtual server image that is loaded with an operating system, applications, and data. These templates ensure that virtual servers are consistently configured across an entire organization. vApp templates are added to vApp catalogs.

What is VCD vApp?

VMware Pages A vApp consists of one or more virtual machines that communicate over a network and use resources and services in a deployed environment. A vApp can contain multiple virtual machines. Starting with vCloud Director 9.5, vApps support IPv6 connectivity.

How do I clone a VM in VMware cloud director?

Clone to a catalog

  1. Navigate to the vApp that is running.
  2. Right-click on the vApp and select Add to Catalog.
  3. Select the catalog and give the vApp template a name. Make sure that the name reflects the state of the vApp.
  4. Select Make identical copy.
  5. Click on OK and wait until the clone has finished.

How do I deploy a vSphere template?

  1. Create a Virtual Machine with the New Virtual Machine Wizard.
  2. Clone a Virtual Machine to a Template.
  3. Clone a Virtual Machine to a Template in the vSphere Web Client.
  4. Deploy a Virtual Machine from a Template.
  5. Deploy a Virtual Machine from a Template in the vSphere Web Client.
  6. Clone an Existing Virtual Machine.

How do I create a VM in vCloud?

Create vApps and VMs in vCloud Director

  1. T.
  2. Above: Add a vApp from the Home screen.
  3. Above: Add a vApp from the Home screen.
  4. Above: Select Public Catalogs from the dropdown.
  5. Above: Select Windows Server 2008 from the list.
  6. Above: Name and assign a Virtual Datacenter.
  7. Above: Select a storage policy.

What is VMware vApp?

VMware vApp is a group of virtual machines that are used for a common purpose. This group can be managed as a single virtual machine, a resource pool can be provisioned for a vApp, and a VM start sequence can be set to meet dependencies of components used by a complex application.

How do I create a vApp?

How to Create vApp

  1. Login to vSphere Web Client.
  2. Select Create a new vApp or If you already have vApp you can clone that also.
  3. Provide the Name and Location for your vApp.
  4. Configure the resource allocation for the vApp based on your requirement.
  5. Review the settings and click Finish to create vApp.

How do I make an ISO virtual machine?

To create a virtual machine from an ISO file:

  1. Click the Servers and VMs tab.
  2. Click Create Virtual Machine.
  3. The Create Virtual Machine dialog box is displayed.
  4. The Create Virtual Machine wizard is displayed.
  5. In the Setup Networks step, add one or more VNICs to the virtual machine.

What is a standalone VM?

The Standalone VM maps directly to a VM template in VMM. It allows you to install an operating system.