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How do I install Linksys AE1000?

How do I install Linksys AE1000?

To set up your Linksys AE1000 to your computer, follow the steps below:

  1. Insert the Setup CD into the CD-ROM drive of your computer.
  2. Click Set up your Linksys Adapter.
  3. Read the Software End User License Agreement and then click Next.
  4. Insert the Wireless USB Adapter into a USB port on your computer.

How do I setup my Linksys WIFI USB adapter?

For a USB adapter — Plug the USB adapter to any available USB port of your computer or laptop. For a PCI adapter — Open your computer’s case and locate an available PCI slot. Slide the adapter into the PCI slot. PCMCIA adapter — Locate and insert the adapter in an available PCMCIA slot on the side of your laptop.

How can I use a USB wifi adapter on my desktop?

What is a wireless USB adaptor?

  1. You’ll have to install the driver software on your computer.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  3. Select your wireless network from the ones in range.
  4. Enter the password for your wireless network.

Why is my Linksys WIFI adapter not working?

Remove the Linksys wireless adapter for a few seconds then re-insert the device. Re-check the status of the adapter in Device Manager afterwards. If the adapter is attached to a cradle base, remove it and plug the adapter directly to the USB port of the computer. Update or reinstall the drivers of your adapter.

Why is Linksys ae1000 poor driver support for Windows 7?

Linksys AE1000 poor driver support for Windows 7 WHY? AE1000 Does not connect on startup. Tip: For priority service, provide us with a few details before you call by clicking the “Get Started” link below.

What does a Linksys Wirless wireless adapter do?

The Linksys AE1000 High-Performance Wireless-N Adapter helps you connect your wired computer to the Internet wirelessly. Installing this adapter adds or upgrades wireless connectivity on your Windows®-based computer. To learn how to download the latest driver for your Linksys wirless USB adapter, click here.

How do I connect my Linksys to my computer?

Insert the Wireless USB Adapter into a USB port on your computer. QUICK TIP: You can also use the USB Extension Base to connect the Wireless USB Adapter. Plug the Wireless USB Adapter into the USB Extension Base and connect the Base to a USB port on your computer.

How to contact a Linksys customer support agent?

Live Chat .. Chat with a customer support agent directly from your desktop. I have a question about a Linksys product or a Linksys Store promotion. Get help with an issue or learn how to maximise the potential of my Linksys product.