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How do you get special items to launch Disasters in SimCity?

How do you get special items to launch Disasters in SimCity?

You’ve decided to rain Meteors upon your unsuspecting city!

  1. To set the Disaster in motion, drag the round Meteor icon over the beam of light.
  2. The Dr Vu Special Items needed to launch this Disaster appear on the left.
  3. When you have the items, slide them to the right and the sparks start to fly!

How do I get more crude oil in SimCity?

Click the globe to turn on global deliveries. Every time your power plant starts to run out of oil, it will automatically buy oil from the global market. The oil will arrive via truck from the global market, so it can take some time for the delivery to happen.

What do you do with oil in SimCity?

You can sell off the crude oil in trade depots, or to the global market, or use it to create fuel in advanced oil facilities, or even provide the electronics industry with plenty of plastics for their products. The oil industry is always thriving – you just have to make a bit of investment in the start.

How do you get Disasters in SimCity?

You can get Disaster Cards and Battle Boosters from the Reward Chests at the end of each war or from the War Shop.

How do I get special items for vu?

To unlock the Vu Tower you need to have 90,000 population and 40,000 Simoleons to build it. Once you choose to build it you will have to wait a few days while it is being built. This can be sped up by Simcash. Once built you will unlock the first disaster and Vu items.

Should I do vu Tower?

Vu’s Tower is definately worth it and the best way to farm keys. What happens is that it flattens one or more of your buildings into a pile of rubble and marks them with an repair icon. You only need a single repair to get the building right back to it’s former glory.

How do I get fuel in SimCity?

Take your crude oil and use it to create plastic to sell on the global market via a trade depot. Add a fuel distilation unit to also create fuel to sell or use for a great work! The Oil Refinery turns crude oil into either fuel, plastic, or both, depending on which modules you add.

How do I build a trade depot in SimCity?

Create, advertise, edit, and complete a sale

  1. Once you hit the minimum population target to make your Trade Depot available, you’ll find it on the highway just outside your city limits.
  2. Items you put up for sale here will appear to other Mayors in the Global Trade HQ, if you remember to advertise them!

How do I get fuel in Simcity?

How do I build a trade depot in Simcity?

Are there natural disasters in SimCity?

There are a total of six major disasters in SimCity. None of them are available in the start, but they can be unlocked by completing achievements. Once unlocked, a disaster can be triggered manually through the Disasters menu, or will occur by itself under specific city conditions.

How do you get special items for Dr Vu?

You get them in the same fashion that you get Land expansion items, Storage upgrade items, Beach and Mountain expansion items. You get them through popping opinion bubbles. They’re rare. You may be able to find some for sale, but be quick.