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How much is a 700 Nitro Express worth?

How much is a 700 Nitro Express worth?

Double rifles are extremely expensive, starting at about $10,000 and selling upwards of $260,000 USD in 2015, and have generally been replaced by repeater-rifles using rounds such as the . 458 Winchester. Single factory loaded . 700 Nitro cartridges are available, typically at $100 USD each.

What is a Nitro Express bullet?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Nitro Express (NE) series of cartridges are used in large-bore hunting rifles, also known as elephant guns or express rifles, but later came to include smaller bore high velocity (for the time) British cartridges.

How much does a 500 Nitro Express rifle cost?

A . 500 Nitro Express double rifle can cost anything from around USD$20,000 on up. This quite magnificent Rigby is on sale at Guns International for USD$159.500.

What is the hardest kicking shotgun?

600 Nitro Express double rifle. The hardest kicking shotgun I ever fired routinely was the Ithaca DSPS 12 ga loaded with slugs I used to use for deer hunting when I lived in the Midwest.

When did the 700 Nitro Express come out?

700 Nitro Express (17.8×89mmR) is a big game rifle cartridge made by Holland & Holland, London, England. It was developed in 1988 by Jim Bell and William Feldstein and built by H&H. Feldstein had tried unsuccessfully to get H&H to build a .600 Nitro Express for him, but they had already ceased production.

What kind of rifle is the 600 Nitro Express?

The .600 Nitro Express is a large bore Nitro Express rifle cartridge developed by W.J. Jeffery & Co for the purpose of hunting large game such as elephant. The .600 Nitro Express is a slightly tapered walled, rimmed, centerfire rifle cartridge designed for use in single-shot and double rifles.

How big is a 700 grain Nitro Express bullet?

It is capable of propelling a .700 in. dia. 1,000 grain bullet at 2,000 fps with 8,900 ft.-lbs. of energy. It is more than adequate for any known large game animal.

Which is bigger a 600 Nitro or a 700 Nitro?

Early versions were loaded with cordite. While the .700 Nitro is of course larger, the .600 Nitro is the largest dangerous game caliber to have been used during the heyday of African ivory hunting. The .700 was a 1980s creation as a result of a well-to-do gentleman being denied a 600 NE calibered rifle from renowned maker Holland and Holland.