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How old is Premji?

How old is Premji?

76 years (July 24, 1945)
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Who is Premji father?

M.H. Hasham Premji
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Is Premji and Venkat Prabhu brothers?

Premgi is the son of veteran director and musician Gangai Amaran, and the younger brother of film director and actor Venkat Prabhu. Film composer Ilaiyaraaja is his uncle, while Yuvan Shankar Raja, Karthik Raja and Bhavatharini are his cousins.

Is Venkat Prabhu married?

Rajalakshmi Prabhum. 2001
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Who is ilayaraja brother?

Gangai Amaran
Daniel BhaskarPavalar Varadarajan
Ilaiyaraaja’s brother, Gangai Amaran, is also a music director and lyricist in the Tamil film industry.

Who is Venkat?

Venkat Kumar Gangai Amaren (born 7 November 1975), better known by his stage name Venkat Prabhu, is an Indian filmmaker, who has worked as an actor, director and playback singer in the Tamil film industry. His father Gangai Amaren is a film director and music director.

Who is Premji and what did he do?

Mullamangalath Parameshwaran Bhattathiripad (23 September 1908 – 10 August 1998), commonly known as M. P. Bhatathirippad or Premji, was a social reformer, cultural leader and actor from Kerala state, India.

Who are the leading actors in Tamil movies?

This list outlines the names of popular lead film actors, who previously worked or are currently working in the Tamil film industry (“Kollywood”), based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. The list is ordered by the year of their debut as a leading actor or the year of their landmark film.

Who is the son of Gangai Amaran and Premji?

Prem Kumar Gangai Amaren (born 25 February 1979), better known as Premji, is an Indian playback singer, composer, songwriter, actor and comedian. The son of composer and director Gangai Amaran, he often composes rap songs in Tamil cinema and is known for his comical performances in his elder brother Venkat Prabhu ‘s films.

What did Premji Bhattathiripad do in his life?

Premji joined Yogakshema Sabha and worked with V. T. Bhattathiripad, E. M. S. Namboodiripad and his brother M. R. Bhattathiripad in the fight against the casteism and conservatism that existed in the Nambudiri community. Premji was also a noted stage and film actor who won the National Film Award for Best Actor for the film Piravi.