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Is DHL working in Nigeria today?

Is DHL working in Nigeria today?

DHL Nigeria working days are all year round, except for the holidays. The company’s working hours are; Monday to Friday: 08:00 am – 8:00 pm. Saturday and Sunday: 09:00 am – 2:00 pm.

How long does it take DHL to deliver within Nigeria?

For cheap parcel delivery to Nigeria within just 3-4 days* of collection, DHL Parcel UK is the only courier service you’ll need.

How much is DHL shipping from Nigeria to USA?

According to DHL’s official website, the standard shipping to the United States costs €8.89 for 2Kg and that is €4.45 per Kg. €4.45 to naira is approximately N2,228 (Two thousand, two hundred and twenty right Naira).

How long does it take DHL to deliver from Nigeria to UK?

How much time does it need to deliver parcel from Nigeria to United Kingdom? Our cheap courier usually needs an average of 3+ days to deliver goods between these countries.

Is there a DHL in Nigeria?

DHL logistics has always been the leading in terms of logistics in Nigeria and worldwide. DHL’s service has been test and trusted in handling cargo shipping from any part of the world to the other part. Their express delivery service is the best and fast globally.

How do DHL deliveries work?

DHL Domestic Shipping DHL partners with local postal services (like the USPS) to offer domestic shipping services. In the States, USPS handles the final mile and return pickups, and DHL manages the initial pickup and sorting of the packages.

How much is cargo from Nigeria to UK?

Service Type Price/kg Delivery Time Ships every Friday
Office to Door UK 3.70 + £20 Delivery cost 3 – 4 days
Office to Door Europe €8/kg 3 – 5 days
Office to Door Canada | USA $12/kg (USA) $15/kg (Canada – Customer may be charged import fees) 3 – 6 days
Handling Fee 0

How much does DHL cost to ship to Nigeria?

See how low shipping rates from the US can be!

Weight Budget Economy 5 – 10 days DHL Express 1 – 4 days
1lbs 10.99 USD 35.95 USD
2lbs 14.99 USD 43.14 USD
3lbs 19.99 USD 47.25 USD
4lbs 24.99 USD 56.50 USD

How long does shipping take from us to Nigeria?

DHL is also known for their fast shipping. Their express service, DHL Express can deliver packages from USA to Nigeria within 2-4 business days.

Does DHL hands off their parcels to USPS?

Upon arrival, DHL (or FedEx Smart Post) will “hand off” the package to the local postal service. In the States, that’s USPS, but local postal delivery varies by country.

Does DHL deliver to APO Box addresses?

Although DHL cannot deliver to an APO box address, you may use the “Hold for pickup” option (Additional fee may apply). The receiver will then be able to pickup the shipment at the local DHL terminal. Note that the receiver address is still required for customs on international shipments.

What is the abriviation of DHL?

What does DHL stand for? List of 54 DHL definitions. Updated April 2020. Top DHL abbreviation meaning: Diffuse Histiocytic Lymphoma