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Is MidwayUSA a legitimate company?

Is MidwayUSA a legitimate company?

MidwayUSA tends to be a dependable company to order from. The company has been active in the firearm and ammunition industry for several years longer than many other online stores. MidwayUSA sells a variety of products and accessories including reloading supplies, outdoor gear, competitive shooting items, and more.

Does MidwayUSA use PayPal?

Nope! Many places that sell gun stuff don’t use PayPal, due to paypals rules and general stance on gun related items.

How long does MidwayUSA shipping take?

Midway usually takes 2 days from the time the order is placed until they even let it leave the facility.

Is primary arms a good company?

Great Company to do business with. I am happy to say that through several transactions Primary arm has delivered excellent products and customer service. They have a gret inventory and quick shipping. Prices are competitive, a great company to do business with.

Does MidwayUSA have an app?

Supporting all major mobile platforms, such as Apple and Android, Customers can access over 100,000 products anytime on their smart phones. …

How old is Larry Potterfield?

72 years (January 16, 1949)
Larry Potterfield/Age

Larry Potterfield (born January 16, 1949) is the founder and Chairman of the Board of MidwayUSA, an internet retailer of shooting, hunting and outdoor products.

How do I return a product to MidwayUSA?

The Return Wizard will guide you through the return process and indicate which products may be returned to MidwayUSA and which must be returned directly to the supplier. Please contact the supplier regarding any warranty issues or return requests not eligible for return.

How to contact the customer service team at Midway?

Ask a question, place an order, or just send us some feedback – we’re here for you! Chat securely and conveniently with a member of our support team. Speak directly with one of our Customer Service Representatives.

Who is MidwayUSA and what do they do?

Let us know! MidwayUSA is a world leader in the distribution of shooting and reloading supplies and equipment. The company offers more than 60,000 shooting, reloading, gunsmith, hunting and outdoor products to customers throughout the world. MidwayUSA was incorporated in 1977 under the name of Ely Arms.

How to contact Midway shooting shop for return?

Please contact the supplier regarding any warranty issues or return requests not eligible for return. If you need assistance, please call us at 800-243-3220 and we will be glad to help.