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What are coverage ideas for yearbook?

What are coverage ideas for yearbook?

Coverage in 2021: Student life ideas

  • OVERALL PERSPECTIVE. (local, state, national & world)
  • FOOD.

What are some good themes for yearbook?

20 Yearbook Theme Ideas for 2021

  • Distance Unites Us.
  • A Year Like No Other.
  • Flattening the Curve.
  • Unmasked.
  • StayHome. StaySmart.
  • What’s Next.
  • Still Connected.
  • Virtually Together.

What do you write in an elementary school yearbook?

General Wording Ideas

  • You’re growing up to be such a wonderful person.
  • We’ve watched in amazement as you’ve grown into the person you are today, and we’re watching with great anticipation to see what you become.
  • We’re so proud of you!
  • I noticed you had me sign your yearbook last.
  • Another milestone!

What should I write in my yearbook profile?

If you do want some consistency with the comments some of the most popular yearbook ideas tend to be:

  1. Memories.
  3. Inspirational messages.
  4. Goodbye messages.
  5. ‘Describe yourself in three words’
  6. Song lyrics.

What are spreads in yearbooks?

Spread: Two facing pages in a yearbook. For example, pages two and three are spreads and are both visible when the book is open. Template: A predesigned layout provided by Lifetouch that makes it easy to organize yearbook pages. Theme: The idea or concept that ties the entire yearbook together.

How do you write an article in a yearbook?

#5: Design Your Yearbook Copy

  1. Keep sentences and paragraphs short.
  2. Cut out unnecessary words.
  3. Add subheads to divide stories into sections.
  4. Break up text with call-out quotations or facts.
  5. Use bullet points to list short moments or stories.
  6. Keep fonts simple – select one font style for headlines and one for body copy.

What are the three yearbook themes?

15 Great Yearbook Theme Ideas You’ll Want to Steal

  1. Superheroes are Always a Good Idea. This style capitalizes on the current trend of comic books being made into blockbuster movies.
  2. Quotes Galore.
  3. Emojis Everywhere.
  4. A Love of Literature.
  5. Gamify It.
  6. Star Light, Star Bright.
  7. Watercolor Magic.
  8. Let Your School Inspire.

What is theme in a yearbook?

A theme is an idea or concept threaded throughout a yearbook to unify its parts. A theme should not be a cliché or cute phrase, but sound like something students would say this year, and look like this year’s colors and design trends. Some years an obvious theme will surface, if changes have occurred at your school.

What do you write in your child’s 8th grade yearbook?


  1. We are so proud of you and all that you’ve accomplished in Middle School.
  2. We know you will continue to achieve great things in High School and beyond.
  3. We are so proud of you.
  4. I am so proud of your accomplishments this year.
  5. You have grown into a beautiful person, inside and out!

How do you write captions in yearbooks?


  1. Describe sights, sounds, smells, actions, reactions.
  2. Use direct quotes.
  3. Attribute all quotes.
  4. Use specific facts.
  5. Use vivid verbs.
  6. Use plain language. Say “he said” instead of “he stated.”
  7. Use precise words.
  8. Write to the emotions. Include the senses.

What is the eyeline in yearbook?

The eyeline is a horizontal guideline that runs across the spread. It helps visually unify the spread and is used as a place to start or end content elements. The eyeline should never be placed in the exact middle of the spread.

What to put in a high school yearbook?

Capture memories like winning the homecoming game, the buzz at the science fair or the excitement of the first school dance. Whether you’re looking for elementary, middle school or high school yearbook ideas, we’ve included a variety of ideas to choose from.

How to choose a theme for a yearbook?

TreeRing has hundreds of yearbook themes to spark inspiration for your yearbook or if you’re a customer to use as a template. Simply click on each yearbook cover to see more.

Which is the best software to create a yearbook?

Fusion Yearbooks is an online software that allows you create your yearbook – even without design experience! Providing you with hundreds of free layouts, backgrounds, fonts and clipart, Fusion can be used by an unlimited number of students and teachers in your school. Add some flair to your photos with amazing photo filters (like on Instagram!).

What do you need to know about Yearbook Design?

Yearbooks used to come in standard templates and sizes, but with design becoming more prevalent in our lives, students love to get creative with their yearbook designs. With all the potential at their fingertips, it helps to find some inspiration to guide the creative process.