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What causes hepatomegaly in kids?

What causes hepatomegaly in kids?

Hepatomegaly generally occurs via five mechanisms: inflammation, excessive storage, infiltration, congestion, and obstruction (Table 1⇓ ). Infections from viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites promote inflammation-induced hepatomegaly.

What is the treatment for hepatomegaly?

Some of the treatments your doctor will recommend may include: medications and treatments for liver failure or infections like hepatitis C. chemotherapy, surgery, or radiation for liver cancer. a liver transplant for liver damage.

Is hepatomegaly curable?

The outlook for people with hepatomegaly depends on the cause of the hepatomegaly and the extent of the liver damage. People with hepatitis A and acute hepatitis B usually recover without treatment. People with the early stages of NAFLD may also have a positive outlook.

How do you treat hepatomegaly naturally?

It’s important to discuss any alternative treatments with your doctor before trying them.

  1. Lose excess weight.
  2. Try the Mediterranean diet.
  3. Drink coffee.
  4. Get active.
  5. Avoid foods with added sugars.
  6. Target high cholesterol.
  7. Try an omega-3 supplement.
  8. Avoid known liver irritants.

What foods help an enlarged liver?

Here are a few foods to include in your healthy liver diet:

  • Coffee to lower abnormal liver enzymes.
  • Greens to prevent fat buildup.
  • Tofu to reduce fat buildup.
  • Fish for inflammation and fat levels.
  • Oatmeal for energy.
  • Walnuts to improve the liver.
  • Avocado to help protect the liver.

What causes enlarged liver in children?

Causes of Enlarged Liver in Children. Enlarged liver or hepatomegaly is not a disease but a sign of a disease. Number of liver diseases may affect children and result in enlargement of the liver. Hepatomegaly is usually caused by viral infections of the liver.

What does mild hepatomegaly mean?

Hepatomegaly means enlarged liver and mild hepatomegaly can be see without anything being wrong. Diffuse fatty change in the liver means that the body has deposited a fair amount of fat contained by the liver – can be from obesity or high level of fat in the blood.

What does hepatomegaly mean?

Hepatomegaly is a general medical term that means “enlarged liver.” Liver enlargement has many different causes, and by itself, the term “hepatomegaly” does not suggest a specific diagnosis or disease. Instead, it could indicate a variety of different conditions.