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What experiments can you do with gummy bears?

What experiments can you do with gummy bears?

Experiment Ideas

  • Set up a number of bowls and place one gummy bear in each one. Add different liquids to each bowl (water, soda, vinegar, etc.)
  • Document the changing scale of the gummy bears with drawings or photographs.
  • Compare the taste of the plump bears with the original bears.

What is the science behind the gummy bear experiment?

When gummy bears are made, gelatin and water are heated and mixed (like when you make gelatin at home). As the mixture cools, water leaves the candy and the candy hardens and becomes gummy/chewy. When you put a gummy bear in water, it is a solute, and the water molecules are a solvent.

What happens when you put a gummy bear in salt water?

in salt water, what happens? because there are more salt molecules in the salt water than in the Gummy Bear. The Gummy Bear grows shrinks!

What liquid will make a gummy bear grow?

When you drop a gummy bear into plain water, you’ll see the bear grow and grow as water flows into the bear. Why? The water moves to even out the stuff dissolved in it. Outside the gummy bear, you have water with nothing in it.

Does a gummy bear shrink in sugar water?

In water: The water will move into the gummy bear because there is a lot of solute (sugar) in the bear and there is no solute (sugar) in the water. So the water will move from the low sugar concentration in the water to the high sugar concentration in the gummy bear. That’s why the gummy bear shrunk!

Why do gummy bears grow in milk?

The Science Behind Growing Gummy Bears The gelatin allows the gummy bears to grow in liquid instead of dissolves like other candies, as we observed in the melting Skittles or floating “m” M&Ms experiments. The gelatin also acts like a semi-permeable membrane that allows water to enter the gummy bears.

Why do gummy bears grow in Sprite?

Salt or sugar ions in water are much smaller than the gelatin molecules in the candy. Because of osmosis, water molecules move to an area with more solute in it to balance things. The catch is that the water is locked up in the candy and can’t move. The Gummi Bear can’t shrink further, so it stays about the same size.

What happens if you put a gummy bear in sugar water?

Do gummy bears grow in Sprite?

The water was at an average growth of 24.67%, the salt water had an average growth of 1.25%, the vinegar had an average growth of 22.83%, and the sprite had an average growth of 15.13%.

What will make a gummy bear dissolve?

The main solvent or liquid that you can use to dissolve gummy bear is hot water. Gummy bears are products of gelatin which is a substance that you can derive from boiling animal bones and skin. Gelatin is water-soluble implying that it will melt and make a solution when you deep it inside hot water.

What happens if you put a gummy bear in vinegar?

Interestingly the gummy bears remained completely intact, just larger, with the exception of the one put in vinegar. The gummy bear we put in vinegar did expand, but lost all of its gummy bear shape and just became a blob. We believe that the acid in the vinegar dissolved the gummy bear completely.

What is the hypothesis for a gummy bear?

Research Hypothesis: The gummy bear will dissolve in the water due to the fact that most gummy bears are made out of pure sugar. Also that since gummy bears are sugar and sugar usually dissolves in water. Also it will vary due to the amount of water that is used in the experiment.

What is gummy bear science?

The Science behind the Experiment. Gummy bears are made up of water, sugar, and gelatin. Like a sponge, gummy bears will absorb water but the gelatin keeps the bears from dissolving in the water.

What are the variables in the gummy bear experiment?

The dependent variable is whether the amount of water lost or gained in the gummy bears varies in a linear fashion. The constants are the type of gummy bear used in this experiment, the type of salt, the type of beaker, the type of scale, the cover, amount of water, and the amount of time the gummy bears have.