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What happened between Jeff Gordon and Brad Keselowski?

What happened between Jeff Gordon and Brad Keselowski?

Jeff Gordon and Brad Keselowski Teams Brawl After Race, Exchange Insults After. Fox Sports’ Tom Jensen described what happened between the two drivers on the track: “On the restart, Gordon chose the highline and had contact with Keselowski, which gave him a flat tire and sent him spinning.”

Who punched Brad Keselowski?

Jeff Gordon
Jeff Gordon and Brad Keselowski’s Post-Race Punches | Videos | Media | Texas Motor Speedway.

Why did Kevin Harvick push Brad?

Harvick said he pushed Keselowski because he believed the driver should not ignore Gordon after an aggressive on-track move ruined Gordon’s race. “It escalated because Brad didn’t want to face the situation,” Gordon said Friday. “His crew guys were in the middle of that.

Did Jeff Gordon get into a fight?

Jeff Gordon and Jeff Burton got into a physical confrontation at Texas Motor Speedway in 2010. Not only did Gordon shrug off NASCAR officials and march toward Burton, but he took a swing and tried to tackle him, showing off his love for football. Burton said the incident was a complete accident, but Gordon didn’t care.

When did Gordon and Keselowski fight?

Brad Keselowski and Jeff Gordon relive their fight at Texas Motor Speedway in 2014 and try to bury the hatchet.

Does Jeff Gordon and Clint Bowyer get along?

Jeff Gordon and Clint Bowyer had quite the feud going in 2012. Their infamous NASCAR tango in Phoenix was far from the beginning of their rivalry. Gordon and Bowyer had traded love taps on the track, routinely messing up each other’s race days, until the pressure finally boiled over.

Who fought Jeff Gordon?

A massive brawl between the two teams ensued As soon as Jeff Gordon got his damaged No. 24 back to the garage, he was blitzed by Clint Bowyer’s pit crew. One member of the No. 15 team shoved the “Rainbow Warrior” in the back and a massive brawl between the two teams broke out.

How did Brad Keselowski get interested in racing?

The Keselowski family is of Polish descent. Keselowski spent much of his adolescence working at his father’s race shop; he swept and mopped the floors, and mowed the grass. In 2000, Keselowski began racing stock cars in the Factory Stock division.

When did Brad Keselowski replace David Stremme in NASCAR?

In 2010, Keselowski replaced David Stremme in the No. 12 Dodge Charger in the Cup Series and ran the full Nationwide Series schedule as well in the No. 22 Discount Tire. In Atlanta, on lap 41]

Who was involved in the accident with Brad Keselowski?

During the Camping World 300 at California Speedway, Keselowski was involved in an accident involving A. J. Allmendinger and J. J. Yeley. Keselowski was able to climb out of his damaged car but complained of foot pain.

How did Brad Keselowski win the Talladega race?

Keselowski pulled off a massive upset and earned his first career Sprint Cup victory in the Aaron’s 499 at Talladega. He pushed Carl Edwards towards the front from fifth with two laps to go. Coming out of turn four on the final lap, he attempted to trick Edwards into blocking on the high side so that he could pull underneath.