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What is a clothesline tightener?

What is a clothesline tightener?

HOUSEHOLD ESSENTIALS Aluminum Clothesline Tightener helps tighten a sagging clothesline. Thread your line through the spring-loaded center and pull the clothesline to tighten. 3 ball bearings grip your line keeping it taut and the spring action center prevents it from slipping.

Why are guy ropes called guy ropes?

It is also known as guyed wire, guy cable, guy strand, and guy anchors. People also (mistakenly) call it guide wire. The name guy wire is derived from the term guy: defined as a rope, cord or cable used to steady, guide, or secure something. Guy wire is a tensioned cable that is both lightweight and strong.

What are the ropes on a tent called?

A “guyline”, or guy line, is a piece of twine, rope, or cord (most commonly) used to tie out a tent wall or rainfly/tarp to the ground.

How big of a tensioner do you need for a tent?

Rope Tensioners Made for 1/4 inch rope our metal rope tensioners eliminates the need for tying knots when anchoring your tent to the stakes. Simply slide the tensioner up towards the tent until it gets tension, then let go. The more tension the better they hold.

Which is the best cordage for a tent?

My top pick for cordage is 1.5-mm Kelty Triptease LightLine. It best balances strength, weight, and user-friendliness — and it’s reflectivity is a major plus when I need to re-find my shelter in the dark.

Where do you put the tension on a tarp?

Start with the two rear corners. Place the stakes about 2 ft away, in line with the lengths/sides of the tarp. 2. Front ridgeline. At this time, you should have equal tension between this point and the two rear corners. 3. Front corners. 4. Rear ridgeline.

How big of a guyline do you need for a tent?

Tents and mids: 3 feet for ground-level corners and sides. In the wintertime, longer guyline lengths are needed to tie-off to to deadman anchors, because the anchor is buried under about one foot of snow. For ground-level tie-outs on tents and mids, for example, I use 6-foot lengths.