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What is boresight?

What is boresight?

1 : to bring into proper parallel alignment (the bore and sights of a gun) by sighting on a distant point through the bore and adjusting the sights on that same point. 2a : to aim at (a target) by sighting through the bore.

What is camera boresight?

Boresight is the process of co-aligning the optical center line of the optical elements and devices. When the camera sensor is precision aligned to the camera mounting surface, and the camera has an electronic crosshair capable of moving 100’s of pixels, electronic boresight is easy.

What is a boresight calibration?

What is Boresight Calibration? The Boresight Calibration data processing module in mdInfinity tackles the issue of the alignment of the LiDAR and the IMU body frames. Boresight misalignment can affect the actual position of the images from a drone LiDAR survey.

What is the meaning of the term boresight?

Boresight may refer to: Antenna boresight, the optical axis of a directional antenna. Boresight (firearm), adjustments made to an optical sight, to align the barrel of a firearm with the sights. Boresight point, also known as gun harmonisation, the alignment of weapons in an aircraft.

Where does the term antenna boresight come from?

Antenna boresight. The term boresight came from high-gain antennas such as parabolic dishes, which produce narrow, pencil-shaped beams which are difficult to aim accurately at a distant receiving antenna. These often are equipped with optical boresights to assist in aiming.

How are boresight parameters determined in photogrammetry?

In photogrammetry where the IMU is used on an imaging camera, the boresight parameters are determined by flying over a well controlled site (site with accurate ground controls) and then conducting aerial triangulation on the resulted imagery.

How does a phased array antenna change its boresight?

However phased array antennas can electronically steer the beam, changing the angle of the boresight by shifting the relative phase of the radio waves emitted by different antenna elements, and even radiate beams in multiple directions (multiple boresights).