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What is dental Code D6110?

What is dental Code D6110?

D6110. Implant/abutment supported removable denture for edentulous arch – maxillary.

What is the dental code for Apicoectomy?

13 Dental Fee Schedule

ADA Code Description Allowance
03410 Apicoectomy/Periradicular surgery—anterior $632.00
03421 Apicoectomy/Periradicular surgery—bicuspid (first root) $660.00
03425 Apicoectomy/Periradicular surgery—molar (first root) $740.00
03426 Apicoectomy/Periradicular surgery (each additional root) BR

What is dental Code D0351?

D0351 can be used to document a dimensionally accurate 3D photographic intraoral or extraoral image constructed by the integration of multiple photographic images or a laser scan.

What is dental Code D6059?

D6059 Abutment supported porcelain fused to metal crown (high noble metal) A single metal-ceramic crown restoration that is retained, supported and stabilized by an abutment on an implant; may be screw retained or cemented.

What is dental Code D6950?

D6950 Precision attachment – Report attachment separately from crown; a male and female pair constitutes one precision attachment. Describe type of attachment used.

What is dental Code D2980?

D2980 is a “crown” repair to a prosthetic not a filling in a natural tooth surface. It is to repair a material failure as in fracture. It would be any part of the crown.

What is dental Code D1110?

D1110: Prophylaxis – Adult Removal of plaque, calculus, and stains from the tooth structures in the permanent and transitional dentition. This code is preventive in nature, but there may be generalized slight gingivitis, or localized moderate to severe gingivitis.

What is dental Code D6240?

D6240. Pontic – porcelain fused to high noble metal. D6241. Pontic – porcelain fused to predominantly.

What does a gum score of 1 mean?

A score of 1 means that you have some plaque or bleeding from the edges of your gums. Score 2. 2 means there is some hardened dead plaque attached to your teeth, which some gentle cleaning and a little oral health education can help with.

What tooth is number 18?

Tooth Numbering and Names, Organized Clockwise from the Point of View of the Dentist:

Lower Left Quadrant
Teeth Numbers Teeth Names
17 Wisdom Tooth (3rd Molar)
18 Molar (2nd Molar)
19 Molar (1st Molar)

What is dental Code D2392?

D2392 Resin-based composite, two surfaces, posterior.

When to use Ada code d4341 and d4342?

• Codes D4341 and D4342 are therapeutic procedures, and are indicated for patients who require scaling and root planing due to bone loss and subsequent loss of attachment. Instrumentation of the exposed root surface to remove deposits is an integral part of this procedure.

When to use d4341, d4342 coding for periodontal scaling?

The use of D4341 or D4342 in reporting more than 2 quadrants within a single dental visit will usually trigger a request for additional information such as a full-mouth periodontal charting, full-mouth X-ray, periodontal diagnosis and the treatment plan. Many payers now post their guidelines to their Web sites (usually in a

What is the d4341 code for root planing?

Common errors in reporting D4341 periodontal scaling and root planing (four or more teeth per quadrant), when there are only one to three teeth that qualify–the code for less than 4 teeth is D4342.

How many teeth are in a d4341 quadrant?

most accurately coded as D4341 – Periodontal Scaling and Root Planing, four or more teeth per quadrant or D4342 – Periodontal Scaling and Root Planing – one to three teeth, per quadrant.