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What is DSP services Dspfarm?

What is DSP services Dspfarm?

dsp services dspfarm. Enables digital-signal-processor (DSP) farm services for a particular voice card/network-module. So, in normal circumstances you would use the ‘dsp services dspfarm’ command to enable the DSP for MTP/Conference Bridge/Transcoding use.

What is universal transcoder?

Universal Transcoding allows transcoding from any supported codec to any other supported codec. Finding Feature Information in This Module. Your Cisco IOS software release may not support all of the features documented in this module.

What is a SIP cube?

Cisco Unified Border Element (CUBE) is a unified communications border element, providing voice and video connectivity between the enterprise IP network and service provider network. It is similar to a voice gateway, except for the replacement of physical voice trunks with an IP connection.

What is cube license?

CUBE licensing is, in all cases, a per-session license, where a “session” is defined as a two-way call transiting CUBE, either for signaling, media or both, regardless of the number of media sessions involved in that call.

What are the main features of DSP processor?

They provide high-speed data processing by implementing single instruction, multiple data (SIMD) operations, special instructions for superscalar architectures cores, single-cycle MAC or fused multiply–add (FMA) computation, parallel computation in several MAC units, fast data streaming using DMA, circular buffering …

How to check DSP farm configuration from Gateway?

Issue the show sccp command in order to verify the SCCP configuration. Issue the show dspfarm command in order to verify the DSP Farm configuration. Issue the show sccp command in order to verify the Transcoder and Conference Bridge registration from the gateway.

Can a Cisco DSP be used as a conference bridge?

This figure shows a successfully registered Conference Bridge resource in Cisco CallManager. Unable to configure the available DSP to be used for hardware conferencing in Cisco CallManager on a Cisco IOS voice gateway with DSP resources already allocated.

Can a DSP be used for transcoding and termination?

If a DSP is assigned for a conferencing session, then it cannot be used for transcoding or voice call initiations, or terminations. However, transcoding and voice calls can share the resource of a single DSP. Conferencing needs a dedicated DSP, but not a dedicated packet-voice DSP module (PVDM)2. For example, PVDM2-64 contains four DSPs.