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What is the function of nail lunula?

What is the function of nail lunula?

The lunula has a primary structural role in defining the free edge of the distal nail plate. Lunular anomalies include changes in form and structure and in color.

Is it bad to have a big lunula?

The size of the lunula An excessively large lunula may be an indication of problems with your cardiovascular system, heartbeat and low blood pressure. A large lunula is common in athletes but if it’s present in a person who doesn’t exercise, it could be an indication of stress.

What does half moon on nails indicate?

These half-moon shapes are called lunula in medical terms. This is common in every individual, those who cannot see lunula on their nails, means they have a vitamin deficiency or are suffering from a medical condition.

Why are the half moons on my nails purple?

Cyanosis is a low or lack of oxygen in your red blood cells that may result in the skin underneath your nails and elsewhere like the feet, lips and/or mucous membranes to be a bluish-purple color.

Why is my lunula so white?

The crescent moon shape, or lunula, is the part of the matrix that pokes out from under the flesh of your finger. The lunula looks white because the epidermis is thicker beneath the matrix and it blocks the pink colour from the blood vessels below.

Should you have lunula on all fingers?

Although everyone has a nail matrix, not everyone will see or have a lunula on each nail. Those who do have a lunula may notice that they vary in appearance across each nail.

What if I only have lunula on my thumbs?

Sometimes, you may only be able to see lunula on your thumbs, or possibly not on any fingers at all. In these cases, the lunula is most likely hidden under your skin. Though the connection is not completely understood, an absent lunula can indicate anemia, malnutrition, and depression.

What the lunula of your nails says about your health?

Remember that your lunula should be several shades lighter than your skin tone. If your lunula is more violet in color, it could be a sign of poor circulation and a lack of oxygen in your organs and tissues. Finally, if you notice that your lunula are black, this is a symptom of heavy metal contamination. If this occurs, see a doctor immediately. Occasionally, your nails may look very different from what you’re used to seeing.

What causes large moons on fingernails?

Pyramidal lunula occurs when the moons of your fingernail form in a triangle shape. Most often, this is caused by an improper manicure or another kind of trauma to the fingernail. The moons may stay this way until the nail grows out and the tissue fully heals.

What is a horizontal red line on the fingernail?

Beau’s lines are the name of short, red, horizontal depressions in the growth of the nail. These lines are caused by a serious medical illness that temporarily disrupts the healthy nail growth. They are common in persons who have just recovered from a serious medical illness or hospitalization.