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What songs are named after women?

What songs are named after women?

Top 40 Songs Named after Women

  • The Rolling Stones – Angie. Goats Head Soup (Remastered)
  • Incubus – Anna Molly.
  • Deep Blue Something – Breakfast at Tiffany’s.
  • Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers – Mary Jane’s Last Dance.
  • Ritchie Valens – Donna.
  • The Four Tops – Bernadette.
  • Train – Meet Virginia.
  • Little Richie – Good Golly Miss Molly.

How many recorded song titles in English contain female names?

As of 12/2018, approximately how many recorded song titles (in English) contain female names? As of the end of 2018 there are many recorded songs with female names in the song titles, a little over 2,200 in fact.

What’s the most popular name in songs?

The most common name was Johnny. There have been 46 hit songs with the name John or Johnny, from “Johnny B. Goode” to “Sloop John B” to “Do the John Wall.” And while Johnny reigns supreme, female names have an edge on male names overall, 52 to 48 percent.

How many songs have a female name in the title?

That means there are 26 songs here, all with the name of a girl in the title.

How many songs have girl in the title?

So I decided to try something different an alphabetised list. That means there are 26 songs here, all with the name of a girl in the title.

What city is mentioned most in songs?

New York City is the most sung-about city in the world, as the subject of 161 songs. London comes in second, with 102 songs, followed by Los Angeles, Paris, and Miami, with 87, 52, and 46 songs respectively.

Is there a song called that girl?

“That Girl” is a song by Canadian singer-songwriter Esthero. It was planned to be album second CD-single from her debut album Breath from Another….That Girl (Esthero song)

“That Girl”
Single by Esthero
Recorded 1996
Genre Soul jazz R&B trip hop pop
Length 4:41 (album version) 3:58 (single version)

What songs have girls names in them?

The Rolling Stones – ‘Angie’

  • John Denver – ‘Annie’s Song’
  • Michael Jackson – ‘Billie Jean’
  • Garfunkel – ‘Cecilia’
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  • Tom Jones – ‘Delilah’ This video is not available.
  • The Beatles – ‘Eleanor Rigby’
  • What are some songs with girls names?

    “Eleanor Rigby,” “Dear Prudence” and “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds” are three examples of Beatles songs that contain a girl’s name. The same goes for their counterpart in the Rolling Stones. “Ruby Tuesday,” “Angie” and “Sweet Virginia” are three songs where Mick Jagger sings about women by name.

    What are some songs with names in the title?

    ” Fleetwood Mac

  • ” The Beatles
  • ” Dion
  • ” Dexy’s Midnight Runners
  • ” Chuck Berry
  • ” Prince
  • ” Janis Joplin
  • ” Neil Diamond
  • ” Johnny Cash
  • ” Elton John