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What words have CYCL in it?

What words have CYCL in it?

11 letter words containing cycl

  • doxycycline.
  • cyclohexane.
  • macrocyclic.
  • cycloserine.
  • cyclization.
  • cyclopaedia.
  • anticyclone.
  • carbocyclic.

What are words with the root CYCL?

The Greek root word cycl means “circle.” This Greek root is the word origin of a number of English vocabulary words, including unicycle, recycle, and Cyclops.

What is a word that starts with CYCL?

7-letter words that start with cycl

  • cycling.
  • cyclone.
  • cyclist.
  • cyclase.
  • cycloid.
  • cyclize.
  • cyclins.
  • cyclers.

What are words that end with graph?

9-letter words that end in graph

  • paragraph.
  • telegraph.
  • autograph.
  • monograph.
  • polygraph.
  • serigraph.
  • holograph.
  • ideograph.

Is RUPT a word?

-rupt- comes from Latin, where it has the meaning “break. ” This meaning is found in such words as: abrupt, corrupt, disrupt, erupt, eruption, incorruptible, interrupt, rupture.

What is a adverb for CYCL?

cyclically. in a cyclic manner; in cycles; periodically.

What does CYCL and cyclo mean?

, cycl- 1. Combining forms meaning a circle or cycle; the ciliary body. 2.

What ends with Gon?

7-letter words that end in gon

  • paragon.
  • polygon.
  • octagon.
  • hexagon.
  • fourgon.
  • decagon.
  • nonagon.
  • perigon.

What is a word that has RUPT?

What does JUNC mean in English?

(ˈdʒʌŋkʃən ) noun. a place where several routes, lines, or roads meet, link, or cross each other. a railway junction. a point on a motorway where traffic may leave or join it.

Are there any words that contain the word cycle?

10 letter words containing cycle 1 motor cycle 2 mono cycle s 3 kilo cycle s 4 mega cycle s 5 hemi cycle s 6 exer cycle s 7 giga cycle s 8 peri cycle s 9 macro cycle 10 cycle ctomy 11 donor cycle 12 cycle thrin 13 micro cycle 14 milli cycle 15 multi cycle 16 inter cycle 17 hyper cycle 18 killa cycle 19 terra cycle More

What does the root word CycL mean in Greek?

Recycling That Circle—Again! The root word cycl means “circle.” Today we will cycle through a number of examples that use the Greek root word cycl. The wheel, which is a “circle,” was one of the greatest inventions of all time.

How to find words with CycL in Scrabble?

Browse our Scrabble Word Finder, Words With Friends cheat dictionary, and WordHubword solver to find words that contain cycl. Or use our Unscramble word solverto find your best possible play! Related: Words that start with cycl Scrabble Words With Friends WordHub Crossword

How many wheels does a motor CycL have?

Consider the uni cycl e, which contains one such “circle,” the bi cycl e, which has two “circles,” and the tri cycl e, which has three. Then, of course, there is the motor cycl e, whose “circles” or wheels are powered by engines so that a motor cycl ist doesn’t have to pedal.