Are Chino and Nacho back together?

Are Chino and Nacho back together?

Billboard can confirm that, as of now, Chino & Nacho only have plans of releasing this track together. “It’s a pleasure to be back making music with Chyno after sharing so many years of our journey and our struggle,” Nacho says in an official statement.

What are Chino and Nacho real names?

Chyno Miranda
Chino & Nacho/Members

What happened to Chino & Nacho?

Chino y Nacho’s manager announced the duo’s separation in March 2017. “Everything started here, everything ended here and here everything starts again,” was written under a photo of Chino. Miranda went on in a solo career, changing his name from Chino to Chyno for legal issues.

How long have Chino and Nacho been together?

Founded in 2007, the duo is comprised of Chino (born Jesús Alberto Miranda Pérez on November 15, 1984, in Caracas, Venezuela) and Nacho (born Miguel Ignacio Mendoza on August 22, 1983, in Lecherías, Anzoátegui, Venezuela).

What type of music is Chino y Nacho?

Chino & Nacho/Genres
ARTIST Info Although the band is famous for doing reggaeton, they mostly do other various types of music including alternative, salsa, classic, reggae, and many other types. Since 2010, the duo is known as “The Chino y Nacho Mania” for the massive popularity over the world.

What country is Chino and Nacho from?

Caracas, Venezuela
Chino & Nacho/Origin

With the Latin Grammy win, Chino y Nacho have established themselves as the biggest pop stars to come out of Venezuela in the past decade, as well as the fastest-rising urban act in recent memory.

Is Nacho still married?

Singer Miguel Ignacio Mendoza, better known as Nacho, confirmed Friday the end of her marriage to Inger Mendoza, with whom she has three children.

What is Nacho step parenting?

“Nachoing” as it is often referred to as, or using the Nacho Kids method, is stepping back from situations that cause you and/or your blended relationship stress and realizing when you feel you have “no control” you actually have the ultimate control. And that is how you let it affect you.

Who are the members of Chino and Nacho?

Chino & Nacho were a Venezuelan pop duo, consisting of Jesús Alberto Miranda Pérez (Chino) (born November 15, 1984) and Miguel Ignacio Mendoza Donatti (Nacho) (born August 22, 1983). In 2010, the group won a Latin Grammy for Best Urban Album for Mi Niña Bonita.

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When did Chino and Nacho release their first album?

Chino & Nacho debuted their first album nationwide in 2008, circulating in Venezuela and neighboring countries. Their first album, named Época de Reyes, was released in 2008 and made available in many Latin American countries.

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