Did Caligula name his horse consul?

Did Caligula name his horse consul?

Legend. According to Suetonius, in the Lives of the Twelve Caesars (121 AD), Caligula planned to make Incitatus a consul, and the horse would “invite” dignitaries to dine with him in a house outfitted with servants there to entertain such events.

What was Caligula’s horse called?

Incitatus. The Roman emperor Caligula is best known today for his decadent, brutal – and scandalous – lifestyle. But did you know that one of his most trusted advisors was a horse? According to Suetonius, an ancient historian, Caligula’s horse Incitatus had a stable made of marble and a stall made of ivory.

Who was the most corrupt Roman emperor?


Predecessor Tiberius
Successor Claudius
Born Gaius Caesar 31 August AD 12 Antium, Italy
Died 24 January AD 41 (aged 28) Palatine Hill, Rome, Italy

Did Caligula appoint his horse to the Senate?

The most famous story about Incitatus is that Caligula made him a consul in the Roman Senate. Unfortunately, it’s not true. Records say Caligula wanted to appoint his equestrian bud to the Senate, but he was assassinated before he could make it happen.

What Roman Emperor Killed Jesus?

According to some traditions, he was executed by the Emperor Caligula or committed suicide, with his body thrown into the Tiber River. The early Christian author Tertullian even claimed that Pilate became a follower of Jesus and tried to convert the emperor to Christianity.

Did Roman emperor Gaius Caligula made his horse a senator?

Who was the Roman Emperor who made his horse a consul?

And also yes, Caligula, in terms of tyranny, cruelty and matricide, set a high bar for his nephew and future emperor Nero (who ruled from 54-68 CE). Admittedly, the historical record suggests that Caligula was less maleficent and more capricious.

Is it true that Incitatus was never made a consul?

Ancient sources are clear that the horse was never made a consul. Incitatus has for centuries been an allegorical figure when referencing examples of political ineptitude, going back at least to 1742.

How did Cassius Dio make the horse a priest?

Cassius Dio (155-235 AD) indicated that the horse was attended by servants and was fed oats mixed with gold flake and that Caligula made the horse a priest. The accuracy of the received history is generally questioned.

How did Suetonius influence later Roman chroniclers?

Historians such as Anthony A. Barrett suggest that later Roman chroniclers such as Suetonius and Dio Cassius were influenced by the political situation of their own times, when it may have been useful to the current emperors to discredit the earlier Julio-Claudian emperors.