How did the Triumph Rocket 3 get its name?

How did the Triumph Rocket 3 get its name?

The name “Rocket III” is derived from the 1968 BSA 750cc pushrod triple, the Rocket 3, which was a badge-engineered version of the original ” Triumph Trident .” The Rocket III Project started in 1998 led by Triumph Product Range Manager Ross Clifford and started with a lot of research – especially in the US, where big cruisers were selling well.

When did the Harley Davidson rocket come out?

It was unveiled in the US on 20 August 2003, in San Antonio, Texas. The Rocket’s European launch was at the International Motorcycle Show in Milan, Italy on 16 September 2003. Sold in the UK from the spring of 2004, it was awarded ‘Machine of the Year’ by Motor Cycle News at the 2004 NEC Motorcycle Show.

Which is better a Triumph Rocket III or a Harley Davidson?

Compared to a Harley, the Rocket III is a steal. It’s better braked, faster, handles better and it’s British. Secondhand values remain high and providing you keep to 3-4000 miles a year it won’t depreciate faster than a Harley, either”.

The Rocket III is named after the BSA Rocket 3 which in turn was also called the Triumph Trident. The Rocket III’s most noticeable feature is its massive size. The rider sits behind most of the engine into a seat that sinks low into the overall design.

Is the Rocket 3 a good motorcycle to buy?

The new Rocket 3 motorcycle range is in a class of its own, with truly imposing muscular presence and magnificent style. Combining the highest level of specification and technology with all of Triumph’s incredible handling, the Rocket 3 brings a sublime feel and comfort for all-day easy riding.

How big are the wheels on a Triumph Rocket?

All-new 20-spoke wheels with imposing 9.45-inch (240 mm) rear tire size, are made of lightweight cast aluminum in a contemporary design with a blacked-out finish. Light clutch action reduces clutch lever effort to deliver more rider comfort and control.

How much does a rocket 3 are cost?

Rocket 3. Rocket 3 R. Rocket 3 R. Phantom Black. Available from $22,500.00. Configure. Tap and drag Click and drag. Loading your ride. In a world-leading class of its own, the new Rocket 3 is the ultimate high performance muscle roadster, and the genesis of a new motorcycle legend.