How do you do the Mike toreno mission in GTA San Andreas?

How do you do the Mike toreno mission in GTA San Andreas?

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  1. Get inside the car.
  2. Drive to the building site near Doherty Garage.
  3. Drive to the port.
  4. Drive to the airport.
  5. Use the signal to find the van.
  6. Kill those goons.
  7. Destroy the van.
  8. Take Toreno away from the burning van before the police arrive.

Who was Toreno in GTA San Andreas?

Philosophically, Toreno is a highly cynical American imperialist. He primarily uses Carl as a courier, saboteur, and assassin. Though he knows of Frank Tenpenny and Eddie Pulaski’s corrupt natures, Toreno does not use his power to stop them. He tells Carl in one mission, “we have to make decisions, kid.

How many flying missions are in GTA San Andreas?

ten missions
After completing all ten missions successfully, Carl receives his pilot’s licence.

How did toreno survive?

Mission. Mike Toreno escaped death when Carl and Cesar Vialpando killed T-Bone Mendez and Ryder, but Wu Zi Mu has tracked Toreno down to a Maverick helicopter at the SFPD headquarters.

Where does the mission take place in GTA 5?

As said by Carl, the mission takes place a week after he arrives in San Fierro. T-Bone, ordered by Mike, will take CJ’s wallet and give it to Mike despite the likely fact that at least one of them is in the backseat of the Stretch used.

Where is Toreno’s plane in GTA San Andreas?

Toreno wants you to deliver some equipment to his men who are out all the way in Angel Pine. After the cutscene, hop into the plane, takeoff, and start towards the yellow marker on the radar. When you first take off, steer clear of Area 69, which is just south of the airfield.

How much does Toreno cost in GTA San Andreas?

Although Toreno assures you it shouldn’t cost too much, the thing comes with a steep price tag of $80,000. If you don’t have the cash then you’ll just have return to the airstrip once you have acquired that amount. A good way to earn some money is to win the street races in San Fierro that Jethro should have called to inform you of by now.

How to dethrone the driver in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas?

As the motorcycle decelerates, Cesar should then be able to jump over to the door and pull the driver out. Once Cesar has managed to dethrone the driver, get off the motorcycle and get into the driver’s seat of the truck. Now all you must do is drive the truck—with fuel tank attached—to the garage in Doherty.