Is Croatia still hot in September?

Is Croatia still hot in September?

Weather in Croatia in September The weather in September is still extremely warm from the summertime, although it is usually much wetter than July and August. September’s average daily temperatures range from 18-24°C, with the highest still a lovely 25°C and the lowest temperature reaching around 18°C.

How hot is Split Croatia in September?

The average minimum temperature (usually the minimum temperature is noted during the night) in Split in September is 18.0°C (64.4°F). The amount of rain in September is normal with an average of 68mm (2.7in). The average maximum daytime temperature lies around 25.0°C (77°F).

What should I pack for Croatia in September?

To embrace fall style – even with warm temperatures – avoid packing open-toed shoes and short sleeve dresses and shirts. Instead, add to your Croatia packing list denim paired with thin sweaters, maxi dresses in warm hues, and comfortable ballet flats for exploring.

Can you swim in Croatia in September?

However, you can swim between June and September in Croatia. The swimming season typically opens during the warmer days in May, if the air temperatures reach the summer level. In June, though, warms up at a slower rate so for many tourists it’s still too cold at 17-18 degrees.

What is there to do in Split Croatia in September?

See a century of Croatian art. With lazing at the beach no longer an option, you’ll need somewhere else to wile away your days.

  • Eat!
  • Barhop around the palace.
  • Have a night at the theatre.
  • Admire some Meštrović
  • Climb the cathedral.
  • Climb to Marjan viewpoint.
  • Go on a day trip.
  • Do I need bug spray in Croatia?

    Croatia Tip #6 Don’t Forget Sunblock and Bug Spray The sun is very strong here, and it can get to be over 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer. It’s important to stay hydrated, and protect your skin. They also have mosquitos and other biting bugs in the summer, so bug spray is a good idea.

    What should I pack for a week in Croatia?

    Ultimate packing list for vacation in Croatia

    • Suitcase.
    • Day Pack.
    • Money belt.
    • Packing cubes.
    • Pants & jackets.
    • Shorts, tops & dresses.
    • Swimming suit.
    • Swimsuit cover-up.