Is December a good time to go to Hawaii?

Is December a good time to go to Hawaii?

If you want a winter vacation in Hawaii, the beginning of December is the best time to visit. Prices are low and the crowds don’t arrive until the holidays. January and February are very similar in Hawaii.

Is it cold in Honolulu in December?

Daily high temperatures are around 81°F, rarely falling below 77°F or exceeding 84°F. Daily low temperatures decrease by 3°F, from 72°F to 69°F, rarely falling below 64°F or exceeding 75°F.

Can you swim in Honolulu in December?

With the exception of Hawaii’s Big Island, December is the wettest month for Hawaii. That doesn’t mean that you’ll likely encounter rain all the time. Hawaii’s ocean temperatures are nice enough for swimming. In fact, you can swim anytime of year in Hawaii without needing a wetsuit.

Is December a bad month to go to Hawaii?

December is the worst month to visit Hawaii. Hawaii experiences a spike in visitors from mid-December to New Year, resulting in high accommodation, plane tickets, and rental car costs. December is also the wettest month of the year as temperatures cool across the Hawaiian islands.

Is it expensive to go to Hawaii in December?

Hawaii Costs in December In fact, Christmas week leading up to New Year’s Day is the most expensive time to visit Hawaii. The average annual hotel stay is about $250, and at Christmas time, this rises to $339. By New Year’s Eve, a night’s stay will cost you over $100 more than the annual average.

Is December rainy in Hawaii?

December is the rainiest month in Hawaii. However, in most cases, rain tends to fall at night in Hawaii. If the rain worries you, consider booking your stay on the leeward side of the islands as they tend to be drier. You can also look at the islands with the least rain in December, which include Big Island and Maui.

Is Hawaii busy at Christmas?

Hawaii gets busy during Christmas. But some Hawaiian islands are less busy than others. The least busy Hawaiian islands for Christmas are Oahu and Maui. They have the smallest increase in visitors compared to their yearly averages and December is their fourth busiest month.