Is Fabio Cannavaro the best defender of all time?

Is Fabio Cannavaro the best defender of all time?

Cannavaro is considered one of the greatest defenders of all time, winning the World Cup as Italy’s captain, as well as the Ballon d’Or and the FIFA World Player of the Year Award in 2006.

How high can Cannavaro jump?

6ft 4in
He is a phenomenon. This vertically challenged defender can jump as high as striker Luca Toni, who is a shade over 6ft 4in. What Cannavaro lacks in height, he makes up for in anticipation, positioning, concentration and an explosive leap. His philosophy?

Is Nesta the best defender ever?

Nesta was a complete and dominant defender, who was influential both at club and international level, and who is regarded by pundits as being one of the greatest and most talented defenders both of his generation, and of all time.

How many goals did Maldini and Baresi concede?

23 goals
SPORTbible – Franco Baresi and Paolo Maldini played 196 games together as a centre back partnership They conceded just 23 goals. | Facebook.

What made Fabio Cannavaro so good?

Despite being 5′ 9” he had the most prodigious leap on him, out jumping taller strikers effortlessly. While bigger men used their strength, Fabio used his brain. He was a brilliant reader of the game.

Who is the best Italian defender?

Regarded by many as the greatest defender of his – or any – generation, Paulo Maldini was long-time teammate of the aforementioned Baresi during his own one-club career at AC Milan.

How tall is Baresi?

1.76 m
Franco Baresi/Height

Did Maldini and Baresi play together?

In total, the pair played a staggering total of 1,621 matches together in a trophy-laden period for the Rossoneri. The pair were part of a side which went 58 games unbeaten from 1991 to 1993 to an the entire 1991-92 season. In that title-winning campaign, Milan only let in 21 goals.

Was Baresi better than Maldini?

Maldini is probably the best LB ever. Whilst baresi is one of the best CB but not the best. But no matter what, both rank top 5 all time for their position so its quite close actually on who is better.